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Cheap Seedling Grow Pots Wholesale Price United States

Because the longevity flower is about to enter the flower bud differentiation period(128 cell seedling start trays). Moreover, the growth of the plants during this period is relatively rapid and relatively strong, so it is necessary to ensure sufficient nutrients. The longevity flower not only has the beautiful meaning of “safe and longevity”, but also has a high ornamental value as a potted plant. It is one of the flower varieties that many basin friends like(black plastic plant pots). Although this potted plant looks good, maintenance management can't be sloppy, otherwise various growth problems may occur.

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(cheap seedling grow pots wholesale price united states)Recently, some potted friends found that their own potted longevity flowers appeared to have soft leaves(seed plug trays wholesale). Then, what about the soft leaves of the potted longevity flower? In fact, there are many incentives for the leaves to grow soft in the longevity flower. Sometimes it may be natural aging, sometimes the environment may be damaged, and sometimes it may be due to our management(gallon nursery pots). Improper use of the means and so on. Anyway, there are many reasons, but since this phenomenon has appeared, Xiaobian will support you today!

Natural aging is a commonality of potted flowers and plants(128 cell seed starter trays). Even people, there will be natural elders. Similarly, many flower plants are manifested in a state of self-protection when they are affected by the harsh environment of the outside world, and the leaves of the longevity flower are soft(cell trays). When the summer temperature is too high and too hot, it will self-protect and self-regulate, and then go to sleep.(cheap seedling grow pots wholesale price united states)

It is usually necessary to place it in a cool, ventilated place, and spray some water to cool it(32 cell seed starting trays). If the light is too strong or there is a lack of light for a long time, the potted longevity flower will have a soft leaf. Especially in the summer when the light is strong, it is necessary to take reasonable measures of shading. When there is no light in winter, it should be fully received in the sunny day(gallon plant pot). Otherwise, the leaves may be soft and even accompanied by symptoms of yellowing. Therefore, it is very important to let it receive light reasonably.

Longevity flowers are drought-tolerant and not resistant to phlegm(105 cell seed starting trays). Once they are over-watered, they will affect the normal breathing of the roots. Originally, they will inhibit normal extraction. However, if they are not watered for a long time, they will not work. Although the plants can consume their own stored water, they can only Solve temporary problems. Therefore, improper water management is often a cause of soft leaves(plug trays). Therefore, if the watering is excessive, it is necessary to improve the ventilation in time and strengthen the drainage; if the water is insufficient, it is also suitable to replenish water.

(cheap seedling grow pots wholesale price united states)The phenomenon of decay of the roots of longevity flowers is often caused by many factors such as improper management of water and fertilizer and infection of bacteria(50 cell seed starting trays). Once the rotten roots occur, water and nutrients cannot be absorbed normally. In the absence of nutrients and water, the leaves will gradually appear soft and may cause death in severe cases. Then, we can only replant and reproduce(propagation tray). Therefore, in the process of maintenance management, we must be more concerned about its roots, especially not excessive water and fertilizer.

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