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Cheap Shallow Microgreen Trays Manufacturers China

The rootstocks of large cherry seedlings have relatively small seeds and weak top soil capacity, so they cannot be sowed deep(plastic tray for hydroponics). The sowing depth is 2 ~ 3cm. In addition, there is a tissue culture method, the operation is more complicated, suitable for a small amount of cultivation, which has a high breeding factor(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), fast speed, and is not limited by time, sour cherry and so on.

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Before sowing, water should be poured on the bottom, and after sowing, cover 1cm thick fine river sand(large plastic flower pots cheap). Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the cultivation method of the rootstocks of large cherry seedlings. The rootstock branches of cherry cuttings are used as materials, the cost is lower, and the breeding coefficient is larger(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). The rootstocks raised have no vertical roots and are shallowly distributed.(cheap shallow microgreen trays manufacturers china)

With this method, the stock quality of the stocks of the large cherry seedlings cultivated is better, cuttings can also be carried out, and the survival rate is high, but the breeding coefficient is small, suitable for the stocks of grass cherry(small plastic flower pots bulk). All kinds of cherry rootstocks can be used without virus, with strong growth and can be factory-produced, but the technical requirements are high and need to be Certain investment(51 cell propagation trays wholesale).

(cheap shallow microgreen trays manufacturers china)When the Atractylodes macrophylla seedlings are 10 centimeters high, spray the herbicide “Juzhucaoqing”, which is a special herb for Chinese herbal medicine, to remove most of the weeds(farm tray). Use 2 kg per mu. Rooting takes place about 20-30 days after cutting, and then it will be moved to the sun to fully carry out photosynthetic reaction to ensure at least 8-10 hours of sufficient light every day to make the plant more robust(2 gallon pots wholesale).

In mid-September spraying rhizome expander, the effect of increasing yield is obvious(growing flats). 5-6 kg per mu is used, and 6-7 mu of land can be transplanted. When the indoor temperature in the northern region is above 20 ℃ in winter, because its suitable growth temperature is 20-25 ℃(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). Because the amount of seeds of Atractylodes lancea is small and expensive, the method of raising seedlings and transplanting is generally adopted.(cheap shallow microgreen trays manufacturers china)

In addition, cuttings can also be carried out in early summer and late autumn, but it is relatively difficult to cut successfully compared to spring(plastic gallon pots). Anoectochilus is a rare and precious Chinese medicinal material derived from Orchidaceae and Orchidaceae. It has the effects of clearing heat and cooling blood, dehumidifying and detoxifying(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is mainly used for the treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis, diabetes and other diseases.

(cheap shallow microgreen trays manufacturers china)Can also be sprayed with flower bud inhibitors to inhibit flowering and proper dense planting(plastic garden pots for sale); the cutting time of Bougainvillea is appropriate from March to June, because the branches in spring grow vigorously and the vitality is tenacious, it is dry and warm indoors in the north, and the soil humidity and temperature are more suitable for plant growth and reproduction(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), and it is also easy for the plants to survive.

First, select the vigorous and relatively thick annual woody branches as the cutting target, which is conducive to the growth of new roots and improve the survival rate(plastic starter pots); secondly, the cut branches are trimmed and the end inserted into the soil is cut diagonally; The branches are inserted into the soil to a depth of about 4-6 cm, and holes are made in the soil, then poured through water and moved to a shaded place for conservation(128 cell plug trays supplier).

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