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Blueberry seedlings are more sensitive to fertilizers(square grow pots). After planting in March-April, 300-500 g of decomposed farmyard manure and 30 g of potassium sulfate compound fertilizer were stopped and mixed(288 cell trays bulk), and applied to the surface 20 cm away from the root of the tree, and covered with a covering.(cheap shallow plastic germination trays manufacturer)

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It is necessary to stop the irrigation in real time, but it is not possible to pour the excess water(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Then, if the amount of fertilizer applied is 1.5 to 2.0 times of the amount of fertilization in the first year, the number of fertilization times is 2 times(20 cell trays bulk), that is, after the germination of the seedlings from March to April and the rapid development of the seedlings in June, due to fertilization.

Since the first time is stopped after germination in the spring(seed starting trays), the amount of fertilizer applied is 2 kg of farmyard manure and 100 g of potassium sulfate compound fertilizer per plant. Excessive fertilization can damage the roots due to the high concentration of salt in the soil, showing plant death. Generally, for mature trees, fertilization should be applied twice a year.

Therefore, the soil with good drainage should be selected(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). At the same time, gray mold is an important disease caused by excessive humidity in the greenhouse. Blueberry seedlings generally apply organic fertilizer in spring, and the topdressing is mainly diammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate, and the blueberry seedlings can be developed in an abnormal manner. 

(cheap shallow plastic germination trays manufacturer)The second fertilization is stopped in the first half of August(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and each plant is supplemented with 100 g of potassium sulfate compound fertilizer. It is best to pour the root water after each fertilization. Therefore, the drought resistance of blueberry seedlings is absolutely poor, and water treatment should be strengthened. 

If the moisture content in the soil is high, the drainage should be stopped in real time(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). The roots of blueberry seedlings belong to the fibrous roots, in the second year after planting the blueberry seedlings, and their roots are more developed, and they are mainly distributed in the soil layer of 5-20 cm. The type is basically the same as in the first year. The part is covered on the ground.

Because the blueberry seedlings were planted in the same year(plastic plant trays wholesale), the organic matter such as broken corn stover and rice husk was used to cover the surface, which effectively inhibited the development of weeds. Weeds should be removed as much as possible in the hour, generally avoiding damage to the roots of blueberry seedlings during the process of pulling up the weeds(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). 

(cheap shallow plastic germination trays manufacturer)A large amount of weeds often grow on the working lane of the blueberry seedling field, and it can be removed in real time(nursery plant pots). For premises with absolutely less precipitation, water-saving irrigation facilities can be installed to ensure adequate water and improve the yield and quality of blueberry seedlings(50 cell seed starter trays). Therefore, there were fewer weeds in the garden.

Because the roots of blueberry seedlings are short(gallon pot), they are generally not stopped for cultivating, and the depth of weeding should not exceed 3 cm. In the second year, with the continuous reduction of organic matter such as corn stalks and rice husks(72 cell seed starter trays), weeds continued to develop, and weeds should be removed in real time to avoid weeds and seedlings competing for water.(cheap shallow plastic germination trays manufacturer)

The weeding method can be used to stop weeding(large plastic terracotta pots), that is, the appropriate amount of turfgrass seeds are planted on the working track, and the pruning is stopped periodically and will be cut off.  The stiff fruit disease is a disease caused by fungi, which can cause new leaves, buds, stems, inflorescences, etc. to wilting, causing the fruit to fall off due to water loss(seed propagation trays). 

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