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Cheap Shallow Plastic Germination Trays Wholesale

Mung bean is one of the important small grain crops in China(plastic plant trays wholesale). It integrates the nutritional value and medicinal value. Although the cultivation of mung bean is not strict on the soil, the soil is generally Can be planted. However, the use of alkaline soils and low-lying areas should be avoided(288 cell trays bulk). It is also necessary to avoid the smashing or heavy smashing, and it is not conducive to the high yield of mung beans, such as heavy plots, saline-alkali land and low-lying land.

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Planting mung beans on high-fermentation plots, although ensuring higher yields, tends to increase yields not much(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), and from the biological characteristics of mung bean growth habits, due to the current production of the main varieties of production With infinite knots habits(20 cell trays bulk), vines or half-spreads, there is often excessive vegetative growth, which tends to grow down, causing rotten pods, etc., and affects the color and uniformity of mung bean seeds.(cheap shallow plastic germination trays wholesale)

It is necessary to fine-tune the land and keep the lyrics(large plastic terracotta pots). To achieve fine autumn tillage, the depth is 15-25CM. Spring is timely, smashing, dragging, and ridges. In the spring, the site must be grasped early, when the soil is frozen and thawed, the land preparation should be carried out in time to prevent the land from being too late, and the soil in the spring drought will be lost(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). In the autumn and autumn, the ridges of the ridges should be suppressed with the ridges.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people adjust and improve their lives(sureroot plug trays bulk). In the autumn, the ridges and ridges in the spring should be ridged and tempered in time. Farmers use seeds that are self-produced and self-produced in production. It is not uncommon for the National Meteorological Bureau to replace grain(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). Mung bean seeds are often mixed with some hard seeds, commonly known as "stone beans."(cheap shallow plastic germination trays wholesale) 

According to relevant reports, combined with the spring land preparation, the base fertilizer should be applied to increase the application amount of organic fertilizer(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The excellent varieties used in the production of mung bean in Northeast China are Mung 522, Gonglu No. 1, Gonglu 2, Bailv No. 6, Bailu No. 8, Liaolv No. 4, Liaolu No. 5 and Nenlu No. 1(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). However, at present, the mung bean breeding system is not sound enough.

(cheap shallow plastic germination trays wholesale)In the production of mung bean, the seed hybrid degradation is more serious(square grow pots). Therefore, in order to obtain high yield and stable production, the selection of excellent varieties is one of the most effective production measures with less investment and more profits(50 cell seed starter trays). The characteristics and seed quality of the selected good varieties should be in accordance with the local standards of Jilin Province, "Mung bean variety standards" and "Mung bean seed quality standards".

Therefore, the seeds should be strictly selected before sowing(gallon pot), or mechanical friction and dilute sulfuric acid soaking treatment of 1.84 specific gravity. In addition, soaking seeds with warm water is also a more economical and effective method. After soaking with warm water, the seeds with germination ability will expand and float, and the "stone beans" without germination ability will not swell and sink at the bottom(72 cell seed starter trays), which can easily remove the "stone beans" and play a role in germination. effect.

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