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The importance of temperature to vegetables is reflected in the growth and development of vegetables(sureroot plug trays bulk). Therefore, the temperature management in the greenhouse should focus on three points. First, adjust the greenhouse temperature to the appropriate temperature for the growth of vegetables to ensure that the temperature of vegetables in the shed is maintained in the lowest and highest temperature range(plastic seedling pots), so that the vegetables can grow normally.

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We also need to appropriately prune the plants selectively and specifically(square nursery pots). The second is to control the temperature difference between day and night, optimize flower bud differentiation and reduce the occurrence of virus diseases. At last, the temperature should be controlled effectively in different stages of vegetables, for example, the temperature should be reduced to prevent the vigorous growth of cucumber seedlings(72 cell trays), and the melon can be raised at high temperature in the fruiting stage.

(cheap shallow plastic microgreen trays manufacturer)Therefore, it is recommended to irrigate the ditch and sink the ridge(black plastic plant pots). If possible, it is better to use drip irrigation instead of flood irrigation with large amount of water. Sand dust and haze often occur in the weather. In the spring, the film is easy to be covered with sand dust, and the light transmittance of the film is reduced, which results in the slow rise of the temperature, the decrease of photosynthetic accumulation of leaves(1 gallon plastic pots), and the influence on the color change of eggplant fruits.

Timely removing the diseased old leaves can also increase the light, reduce the mutual shielding of leaves(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), increase the photosynthetic area of leaves, promote the accumulation of organic matter, increase the ventilation and light transmission in the shed, and reduce the incidence of disease(3.5 inch square plastic pots). Suitable temperature difference between day and night can prevent vigorous growth, promote the growth of plants, reduce the air humidity in the shed, and inhibit the occurrence of diseases.(cheap shallow plastic microgreen trays manufacturer)

At the same time, when the main stem grows too high, it should be cut off(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). In order to ensure that the plant type of Potted Anthurium is more beautiful, the main stem that grows too high is cut off, and it is possible that the speed of germination of new leaves of plants can not keep up with the speed of decay of old leaves, so as to make them stand high(large nursery pots). Pruning is an important management method for promoting the growth of potted plants, but before pruning, we need to do all the preparatory measures.

(cheap shallow plastic microgreen trays manufacturer)Tomato fruit expansion slow or fruit surface "chapped skin"(cell trays), pepper deformed fruit and so on, then how to effectively manage to avoid these problems, let's learn next. Watering in the early spring is mainly based on the weather change, to avoid watering in cloudy days, so as not to cause the ground temperature to drop, cause the root Retting of vegetables to die(small nursery pots), increase the air humidity of the shed, and cause the occurrence and spread of diseases.

Then, Anthurium andraeanum is more resistant to pruning, and its growth rate is faster(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Because in the process of pruning plants, it is inevitable to exude juice, reduce the source of bacteria, remove the diseased leaves, fruits and branches in time, take them out of the shed and bury them intensively, so as to reduce the source of bacteria in the shed(round plastic plant pots). At the same time, combined with spray + supplement of trace elements to prevent, inhibit the occurrence and propagation of bacteria.(cheap shallow plastic microgreen trays manufacturer)

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