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The novel discloses a multi-layer sprouting vegetable culture rack(propagation tray), which relates to the field of culture racks, including a culture bracket provided with a drainage column. The barrel can be conveniently moved to the outlet, and a vegetable production system for sprouts is disclosed(square nursery pots), thereby reducing the occurrence of damage to the barrel by using a spreader to carry an excessively heavy soaking bucket.

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The utility model has the beneficial effects that the invention provides a mist culture production system for sprouts(flat plastic tray), which comprises a triangular steel cultivation frame, a tower atomizer, a water and liquid recovery pool, and the soaking space is provided with a circulation track and a soaking bucket loading seat, an infusion pipeline, and can be adjusted by using a small environment of a greenhouse(cheap shallow plastic plant pots wholesale). 

Sexuality, the characteristics are: simplification of production, optimization of quality and output, and the advantage of minimizing input costs, the bottom surface of the box body is provided with a plurality of seedling chambers, achieving the effect of producing batches of sprouts without intermittent large-scale production throughout the year(wholesale nursery pots), and ensuring daily market launch of sprouts.

(cheap shallow plastic plant pots wholesale)The invention provides a circulation track and a soaking bucket loading seat in the soaking space to facilitate carrying(plug trays). The practical spray space can spray the sprouts according to the germination temperature required in different seasons to ensure that the sprouts are listed on a daily basis. The set water-saving cycle improves the secondary utilization of water resources and saves energy(black plastic plant pots).

The set of sprouts factory-made finished wind can effectively sort out the beancloth and bean shells contained in the sprouts, which is convenient for placing a later soaking in the space. There are 2 to 6 layers of light shelves from top to bottom(plastic grow pots), and 2 to 6 seedling trays are horizontally arranged between adjacent two layers of light shelves, effectively improves the space utilization rate, and the seedling chamber is formed. 

Each seedling tray shelf is provided with several seedling trays. Each seedling tray has a plurality of hydrophobic holes, and each of the seedling trays is inclined with a water collecting plate below, and the angle between each water collecting plate and the drainage column is 80°-87°(seed starter trays), and the drainage column A water collecting hole is opened corresponding to each water collecting plate.(cheap shallow plastic plant pots wholesale)

The invention relates to a household sprout cultivation culture box, relating to the technical field of sprout cultivation(gallon plant pot), the cultivation frame of the utility model has a small occupied area, and the excess moisture of the seedling tray on the seedling tray shelf can be along the hydrophobic hole It falls into the water collecting plate and slides along the water collecting plate into the water collecting hole. 

The excess water can be collected by the water collecting device and reused, which not only effectively saves water resources(wholesale greenhouse pots), but also maintains the appearance quality of the sprouting vegetables(cheap shallow plastic plant pots wholesale). The utility model realizes the block cultivation of the sprouts, reduces the waste of the sprouts, and improves the germination rate and the yield of the sprouts.

The edge of the box body extends horizontally outward to form an outer edge(greenhouse supplies pots), and the length of the box body is 21 cm and the width is 13 cm; and the seedling chamber is a cylindrical cavity formed by further recessing the bottom surface of the box body. The depth of the cavity is 3 to 5 mm; a plurality of drainage holes are provided in the bottom surface of the casing where the seedling cavity is not provided(cell trays).

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