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Cheap Small 2.5 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

In addition, strawberries are very sensitive to chlorine and should be controlled for use with chlorinated fertilizers(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). A lot of the front is for the experts to see, fans use more dilution as a fertilizer, ok, my family of strawberries poured water is very thin with a lot of dissolved liquid, occasionally I will use bone meal and The clear liquid of sheep manure and bean cake is used as a fertilizer. The proportion is light(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Strawberry is a kind of oligo-fertilizer. Tobacco, celery, peach, plum, bean, banana, cabbage, etc. are all crops that require more potassium. 

(cheap small 2.5 inch plastic plant pots wholesale)Do not touch the roots at the bottom of the basin, preferably 2 cm or more(gallon pot). There are many dishmates in potted strawberries. Many methods are not very familiar with the method of fertilizing potted strawberries. Today, we briefly introduce the fertilization method of strawberries because the roots of strawberries are shallow, and the ability to fertilize is relatively strong, and the nutrient requirements are large(plastic plant trays wholesale). Very sensitive to nutrients, too much or insufficient fertilization has adverse effects on the growth and quality of strawberries.

Dysplasia, easy to produce "big belly"(nursery plant pots). Apple: The mesophyll tissue is obviously burning, and the middle and lower leaves of the new shoots are dark purple, wrinkled and curled at the beginning. In severe cases, almost the entire leaves showed a reddish-brown color, with ten curls and a significant burning sensation. Peach: The middle part of the new shoot is wrinkled and curled, and then necrotic(6.35cm square grow pots). The symptom leaves develop into cracks and cracks, which are reddish or purplish red, with small branches and slender flower buds.

(cheap small 2.5 inch plastic plant pots wholesale)Pear: The leaves are marginal necrosis or dark brown burns, and the twigs grow very weakly(seed starting trays). Not all kinds of vegetables require a lot of potassium fertilizer and calcium. Potassium can promote the robustness of the plant stems, improve the fruit quality, enhance the cold resistance of the plants, and increase the sugar and vitamin C content of the fruits. Potassium fertilizer is very helpful for underground tubers such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, and root vegetables(8.89cm square grow pots), because potassium can promote the production and accumulation of starch.

In the melon period, potassium and nitrogen are the main factors to improve the fruit quality(large plastic terracotta pots). Potassium fertilizer increases production and improves product quality. Excessive application of potassium fertilizer is also harmful: not only will waste valuable resources, but also cause the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other cations in crops to decrease, causing leafy vegetables "corrosive disease" and apple "bitter pox disease", which will cause soil environmental pollution(11.43cm square grow pots). And water pollution; will weaken the production capacity of crops.

(cheap small 2.5 inch plastic plant pots wholesale) In recent years, more and more compound fertilizers have been applied to compound fertilizers and melon fields(square grow pots). It has been proved that the application of compound or special fertilizers on melons has obvious effects of increasing yield and ensuring quality, and should be promoted. The specific method is as follows: First, when it is trimmed in spring every year, after the ivy shoots are treated, the water is poured once and placed in a cool and ventilated environment(11.43cm square nursery pots). It is also possible to have less fat and more fat. 

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