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Cheap Small 3.5 Inch Plant Pots Plastic

They are genuine green vegetables(cell trays). The growth of vegetables and the harvest season, the green leaves of the green branches, the fragrance of flowers and fruits, and the eye-catching, can relax the mood and cultivate the sentiment. Can experience the joy of harvest(seed starter trays). The size of the balcony determines the size of the space in which the vegetables grow.(cheap small 3.5 inch plant pots plastic)

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Therefore, the vegetables grown on the balcony are hardly beaten, healthy and delicious. Lettuce, Chinese cabbage, oilseed rape, alfalfa, sprouts, leaf mustard, lettuce and so on(propagation tray). The ideal balcony requires large space, good ventilation and light transmission, and good thermal insulation effect. The types of vegetables grown on the balcony are rich and varied. 

It can be planted in four seasons, and can be planted with different types of colors. Smaller-sized balconies can only grow vegetables with small growth(wholesale greenhouse pots), plant height and short plant width, such as onions, carrots, alfalfa, radishes, lettuce, and ginger, the seeds that have not been broadcast should be stored at low temperature and sealed, and save the time of seedling cultivation.

Pepper, lettuce, eggplant, kidney beans, cabbage, celery, alfalfa, onion, leeks, bitter gourd, loofah, cowpea, tomato, zucchini(gallon nursery pots), cucumber and other vegetables can be planted. The east and west facing balconies are insufficient in light time and light, easy planting and management, short growth cycle. The effect and mood.(cheap small 3.5 inch plant pots plastic)

They should be mainly planted with shade-tolerant vegetables(greenhouse supplies pots), such as amaranth, onion, ginger, garlic, small rapeseed, oil wheat, sprouts, alfalfa, radish, lettuce, asparagus, Citron, leeks, fungus, etc. The west-facing balcony has a high temperature during the summer sun exposure. The closure of the balcony determines the temperature control range.

(cheap small 3.5 inch plant pots plastic)The choice of balcony vegetable types should also consider its growth period, adaptability, primary harvesting or multiple harvesting(plug trays), and resistance to pests and diseases. Generally, vegetables with strong adaptability, strong resistance to pests and diseases, and multiple harvesting(plastic grow pots), such as pepper, tomato, eggplant, bitter gourd, loofah, ginger, onion, garlic, and leeks, should be selected.

It is necessary to pay attention to the peripheral foliage of large leaves or vine-resistant heat-resistant vegetables to prevent sunburn(black plastic plant pots). When purchasing seeds and seedlings, they must go to regular seed business units to prevent the purchase of fake or inferior species and affect planting. The orientation of the balcony determines the lighting conditions of the vegetables(flat plastic tray). 

Take full account of the environmental conditions of the balcony itself(gallon plant pot). For vegetables with large seed amount, short seedling age, and seedlings, such as coriander, cabbage, legumes, radish, etc. The channels for purchasing seeds and seedlings include agricultural research units, seed enterprises (shops), vegetable markets, networks, and farmers(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). 

Balcony vegetables, as the name suggests, are vegetables grown on the balcony(square nursery pots). In order to improve the utilization efficiency of the balcony and the survival rate of the plant, it is recommended to purchase seedlings from professional nursery farms for vegetables with longer seedling age such as eggplant, pepper, cucumber, loofah and bitter gourd(1 gallon pots manufacturer). 

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