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Cheap Small 9 cm Terracotta Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers

Usually germination is germinated every time in early December(gallon nursery pots). Soak the spinach seeds with cold water for about 12 o'clock, remove the mucus, remove and drain, and then sow, or germination at 15 ~ 20 °C, most of the seeds can be sown after 3 to 4 days. Seeds are evenly sprinkled on the flat hoe, sowing depth is 1-1.5 cm, and then stepping on it again to pour water(wholesale greenhouse pots). The most use of the strip, the line spacing is 8 ~ 10 cm, generally about 4 kg per acre.

After sowing, it will be in the middle of February of the next year(black plastic plant pots). It will be mainly used to protect the seedlings, and water will be poured once in the second half of December to protect the seedlings. In mid-February of the next year, as the outside temperature continues to rise, the spinach begins to grow green(greenhouse pots). Water should be poured until the first half of March. Spinach topdressing is mostly based on the application of biogas fertilizer.(cheap small 9 cm terracotta plastic plant pots manufacturers)

It should be avoided to remove the biogas fertilizer in the heart leaf to avoid burning seedlings(propagation trays). The yellow leaves of the old leaves are removed and bundled into small pieces of about 500 grams. The film is placed around the vegetable basket, and the spinach bundled in the basket is strictly listed. After the Spring Festival, the seedlings began to grow and topdressed once or twice(plastic grow pots). Diagnosis of the disease is mainly caused by the young stems of the seedlings.

Tip: During the growth period(square nursery pots), pay attention to the ventilation of the greenhouse, and avoid the shed temperature for more than 25 °C for a long time. It is necessary to harvest in time in the middle and late March, otherwise it will affect the production of the next one. In the morning, the dew on the leaves will be harvested for a long time(plastic plant trays). The main roots of the leaves are cut with a sickle and left for 1 to 2 meters.(cheap small 9 cm terracotta plastic plant pots manufacturers)

Spinach is a very popular vegetable(plug trays). Spinach is a cold-tolerant vegetable that is not resistant to high temperatures. After the harvest of autumn sorghum vegetables, do not remove the shed film one day before sowing, generally avoid continuous cropping, and adopt formula fertilization technology. Before wintering, the spinach seedlings are 10 cm high(32 cell trays bulk), and it is necessary to apply a wintering fertilizer according to the growth situation.

(cheap small 9 cm terracotta plastic plant pots manufacturers)The base of the stem of the seedling was light brown water-immersed, and soon it was wet and rotted(seed starter trays), and the seedlings had not withered and had collapsed. Soon the whole seedlings withered and died. At the beginning of the onset, only the disease center was seen on the seedbed, and it expanded rapidly under conditions of low temperature and humidity, and a piece of dead seedling appeared(50 cell trays bulk). The pathogenic bacteria are Pythium.

After 1 to 2 days of harvesting, watering should be done(gallon plant pot). Then the spinach in the shed is watered less. The mycelium of the pathogen grows lush and is white cotton-like. The mycelium is colorless and has no membrane. The difference between hyphae and cysts is not obvious. In addition, the hyphae of the saprophytic life in the soil can also produce sporangia(72 cell trays bulk), and the zoospores infest the seedlings to cause tripping. 

The soil is covered. The oospores are spherical and smooth(agricultural perlite). In the second year, the spore-forming sacs were germinated in suitable conditions, and the host was invaded by zoospores or directly growing out of the germ tube. Reinfection in the field mainly relies on the production of sporangia and zoospores on the diseased seedlings(98 cell trays bulk), which are caused by irrigation water or rainwater splashing on the rhizome close to the ground.(cheap small 9 cm terracotta plastic plant pots manufacturers)

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