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Generally, semi-red, semi-green or light red and green is a headache(18 cell seed starting trays). Farmers often have lower economic benefits due to poor commercial quality. There are many reasons for uneven color change in greenhouse tomatoes, such as cultivars, soil environment, greenhouse temperature, chemical red, fertilizer application, etc(square black plastic plant pots). Assuming that the variety has not changed, or in the original greenhouse soil conditions, it is mainly to find the reason from the latter three factors.(cheap small commercial plant pots plastic manufacturers)

To solve this problem, first of all, tomatoes prefer a cool and dry climate. When the temperature is 18 to 26 °C, the fruit color is best(20 cell seed starting trays). When the daily temperature is higher than 32 °C, the fruit grows faster, and the formation of lycopene is hindered and affects the coloration. The night temperature should not be lower than 15 °C(3 gallon nursery pots for sale). If the temperature is too low, the color of the fruit will be seriously affected. When the temperature of the shed is 12 °C or below, it will not be colored normally.

If the fruit is still in the ripening stage, it will be prone to redness and uneven coloration(40 cell seed starting trays). Improper management of fertilizer and water is one of the important reasons that affect the normal color change of fruits. Potassium is a quality element that determines the color of tomato fruit and the transport of carbohydrates and amino acids(plastic tray for hydroponics). However, agricultural technicians often require farmers to properly supplement potassium to achieve good commerciality. 

Not only that, but also mainly affect the absorption and utilization of trace elements in magnesium, iron, zinc, etc(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). in tomato roots, causing the lack of color to affect color conversion. The preservation of the fruit is to try to keep the flowers and fruits. There are two main reasons for causing fruit loss, one is the environment, and the other is improper cultivation and management(large plastic flower pots cheap). It is very important that the red color is best when the fruit is fully grown. 

(cheap small commercial plant pots plastic manufacturers)The concentration of the drug should not be too high(gallon pot). Nowadays, when farmers cultivate vegetables, especially solanaceous and fruit crops, high-yield NPK compound fertilizer is still not used for high yield, resulting in high potassium content in the soil. When the soil potassium is too high, there will be antagonism between potassium and boron(farm tray), and the tomato will show symptoms of boron deficiency and affect the color change of the fruit.

Secondly, it is very important to grasp the timing of the red(104 cell seed starting trays). Therefore, according to the test results, balanced fertilization is applied to the crop demand, and the organic and inorganic type combination cultivation method is adopted to prevent the content of a certain element from being too high, which affects the absorption and utilization of other mineral elements by the crop, so as to effectively avoid the more fertilization(small plastic flower pots bulk), the more the deficiency The more wasteful the phenomenon occurs.

(cheap small commercial plant pots plastic manufacturers)This is the opposite of the thinning and fruit thinning(105 cell seed starter trays). In the nursery stage or after planting, the outside temperature is too low and too high, causing poor flower bud differentiation, imperfect development, resulting in deformed flowers; unstable flowering temperature, cloudy and rainy days, insufficient light, poor pollination, can cause falling flowers and fruit. Therefore, it is very important to control the temperature in the greenhouse(growing flats). If this link is not mastered, it will cause problems.

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