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Cheap Small Gallon Nursery Pots Factory Ireland

Experienced flower lovers, what flower pots are suitable for raising flowers? Answer: mud pots(72 cell seed starting trays); ask, what pots are cheap and beautiful? Answer: plastic pots. How do you raise flowers at home? Here is a summary of the following plastic flower pots in Hebei. I hope to help you. Enhance the water seepage function of the flower pot(gallon nursery pots). Because the water seepage function of plastic flower pots may not be as good as we expected. How can it be enhanced?

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(cheap small gallon nursery pots factory ireland)The method is actually very simple: we put 10 mm to 30 mm broken bricks at the bottom of the flower pot(36 cell trays bulk), which can greatly enhance the water seepage function of the plastic flower pot. Enhance the breathability of the flower pot. Due to the texture of the general plastic flower pot, the gas permeability may be a little worse. If the plastic flower pot is not strong, it will easily cause rotten roots(propagation tray). It is best to make a few holes in the bottom of the flower pot to facilitate water permeability, and then plastic screens on the bottom of the basin can also increase the ventilation, reducing the loss of soil when watering.

It is also possible to make a small hole in the outer wall of the basin to increase the gas permeability(40 cell trays bulk), or to lay a layer of foam on the bottom of the plastic flowerpot to make the foam into a grain, so that the water is breathable. If you do both of these things, when you grow flowers in plastic pots, the growth of the flowers will be very healthy and the growth will be very strong. Under normal circumstances, it takes two to three times a week to feed water during the growing season, and it needs to be supplied once every two days during the non-growth period(gallon plant pot). After successful planting, it is necessary to apply a fertilizer. The fertilizer is best to use a compound fertilizer, which can provide a full range of nutrients for the plant.

(cheap small gallon nursery pots factory ireland)The phosphate fertilizer should be applied twice during the flowering period in order to promote the development of the flower buds and allow the plants to produce more beautiful flowers(48 cell trays bulk). In addition to fertilizing the roots of the plants, it is also possible to fertilize its branches, that is, foliar fertilizer. In addition to special foliar fertilizers, expired beer can also be used as foliar fertilizer. It belongs to positive plants. Whether it is plants that are cultivated in the open field or plants that are potted, they are inseparable from the sunlight(seed starting trays). The daily irradiation time should be more than six hours. In autumn and winter, it is necessary to increase the amount of sunlight, preferably throughout the day. Irradiation.

Friends who like to plant plants have researched all kinds of flower pots(51 cell trays bulk). Among them, plastic flower pots are beautiful in appearance and affordable, which is very popular among plant lovers, but do you really choose flower pots? Choose plastic flower pots. When not only paying attention to the size of the flower pot, but also pay attention to its height. If the size and height of the purchased pots do not match the plants planted(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), it will not only affect the growth of the plants, but also affect the overall beauty, which is contrary to the purpose of planting the plants.(cheap small gallon nursery pots factory ireland)

According to the water absorption capacity of the roots of the plants, the flowerpots are selected(104 cell trays bulk). After the watering, the soil in the flowerpots is kept moist for a long time, and the plants are difficult to breathe, which may lead to rotten roots; the small flowerpots not only affect the appearance but also affect the root development of the plants. . When choosing a plastic flower pot, you can also choose according to the crown diameter of the plant. The diameter of the bowl of the pot should match the diameter of the plant crown; if the plant without the mud is placed in the pot, make sure it can be stretched(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Can not affect the growth of roots; plants with mud clusters should be placed in the pots, leaving a 2-4 cm gap around the pots to facilitate the placement of new soil.

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