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Speaking of aloe vera, many people may only understand that it has a cosmetic effect(propagation tray), but in fact it is a kind of plant that uses both medicine and food, and it also has the function of purifying air, improving sleep quality and absorbing formaldehyde, so the aloe has " The title of family medicine box, many people like it and want to farm in the pot, how to carry out pot culture in aloe vera(flat plastic tray)? The soil of aloe vera should have good performance of drainage, water retention and fertilizer storage.

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(cheap small gallon plastic pot factory)Soil with poor drainage and permeability will cause root respiration to cause necrosis of rotten roots(plug trays), but excessive sandy soil often causes loss of water and nutrients, resulting in poor growth of aloe, according to the ratio of humus, garden loam and river sand as 2:2:1. For potting soil formula, wood chips or cooked coal ash can also be used instead of river sand. In addition, the potting soil needs to be clean and sanitary, and the soil can be disinfected and sterilized before being planted(plastic grow pots). Aloe pots should not be used in porcelain pots and plastic pots.

Because of poor gas permeability and easy to rot(gallon plant pot), it is best to use a clay basin, use water before the new basin to soak or otherwise watering the basin is not easy to infiltrate the basin, so that the semi-dry and semi-wet pot wall will hurt the new root, and the selected seedling is aloe culture. The key, the general choice of aloe seedlings should be short, thick, dark green and with more than 4 self-rooted strong seedlings. Aloe vera time should be carried out in spring and summer(greenhouse supplies pots). It is not advisable to go to the basin in winter because the temperature is too low, which is not conducive to new roots.

(cheap small gallon plastic pot factory)Before the upper basin, put a piece of broken tile on the bottom of the basin and press it on the permeable hole at the bottom of the basin(cell trays). This will keep the drainage and not leak the basin. When you put the aloe vera seedling in the basin, try to make the root system Stretch, wait for the soil to cover the roots, then gently lift the seedlings up and slightly compact so that the roots are in close contact with the potting soil, and then add the potting soil to the basin edge to maintain 2-3 cm(square nursery pots). Be careful to pour the water into the basin as soon as possible.

Potted aloe vera is usually changed once in 1-2 years(gallon nursery pots). It is advisable to change the potting time in April-May of the spring and September-October in the fall. When changing the pot, keep the intact soil mass as much as possible without hurting the root system. After the pot, you need to put it in the semi-shade for a period of time, etc., then completely move the seedlings and then move to the sun to maintain(wholesale greenhouse pots). Aloe vera is relatively cold because of its long-term growth in a frost-free desert environment all year round. Aloe vera stops growing at room temperature at 5 degrees, and life is threatened at zero.(cheap small gallon plastic pot factory)

Therefore, the growth temperature of the most suitable aloe is about 5-15 °C, the humidity should be about 5%-%45(black plastic plant pots), aloe vera is generally not poured or less watering, but if the water in the soil will cause roots to drown, In the winter, water can be poured once every 15-20 days and it is better to spray water on the foliage. Try to keep the basin soil dry, do not dry or not in spring and autumn, watering it, usually pouring water once every 5-7 days, once in 2-3 days in summer(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), should also pay attention to less sun exposure to reduce water loss.

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