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Although the longevity flower after the pruning seems to be bald(24 cell trays bulk), after a period of conservation management, it has now seen a second flowering. Then, how can the longevity flower be cured after the autumn pruning? Because the growth of longevity flower has an important influence on many factors such as region, temperature, soil and water, and light(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the longevity flower wound after pruning meets the above growth conditions. It will heal soon, and will also grow new sprouts.(cheap small plant pots wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)

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It is very suitable for the growth of longevity flowers in this temperature of more than 20 degrees(4 cell trays bulk). After entering the autumn and winter seasons, watering should not be too much, because the temperature in autumn and winter is relatively low, the water consumption is not large, and the longevity flower is also more drought-tolerant. In the autumn and winter seasons, the potted longevity flowers are watered. Usually, water is poured once every 1-2 weeks, and the nutrient solution is applied once every half month(wholesale nursery pots). At the same time, the potted longevity flower is placed on the flower stand near the window sill to ensure smooth ventilation and sufficient illumination.

Although there are more cloudy days in autumn(6 cell trays bulk), as long as the growing environment is suitable, the growth of longevity flowers is still very fast. In addition, it should be noted that the soil environment should not be too humid, because the plants are very susceptible to pests and diseases because there are too many rainy weather and poor ventilation. Therefore, we must ensure that the environment is easy to receive light, the ventilation is relatively smooth, the temperature is also suitable(plug trays wholesale), and the water and fertilizer are also reasonable, so as to ensure that the longevity flower can quickly achieve secondary flowering after the autumn shear.

(cheap small plant pots wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)To sum up, if you want to raise longevity flowers, you must first understand its habits(8 cell trays bulk). Although longevity flowers are good to raise, it is not so easy to raise them. From watering, lighting, fertilizing, and starting, every link needs to be taken care of. In order to raise the longevity flowerpot planted with flowers and leaves(plastic nursery pots wholesale). There are many people who have longevity flowers will encounter a problem: the plants are very healthy and do not bloom! What to do!? Yes, longevity flowers belong to winter short-day flowers.

If your family's longevity flowers don't bloom(12 cell trays bulk), you may have overlooked some conservation knowledge. That is to say, it has always been placed in a place with strong indoor light that will affect flowering. At this time, we can use the paper box to cover the flowers from 5 pm to the next morning. If the family grows longevity flowers, if they have the conditions, they should be placed in outdoor maintenance as much as possible or intermittently(black plastic nursery pots). At least 4 hours of direct light per day (the best at noon) will allow the plants to grow vigorously.(cheap small plant pots wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)

However, some flower friends are very confused, why the longevity flowers they raise do not bloom(18 cell trays bulk), let us analyze the reasons why longevity flowers do not bloom. Otherwise, the long-term lack of light in the longevity flower will appear fine and long-lived. The flowering period is mainly based on potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and the concentration is 2%, once every 10 days. If the yin is not easy to fall off the leaves without flowers(plastic nursery pots), or the plants that have been flowering are placed in the shade, the color will become dim, and then the flowers will fall off and wither.

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