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Cheap Small Plastic Flower Pots In Bulk

We need to put the jade in a well-ventilated environment, but want to raise such a beautiful jade(10cm plastic grow pots), Yushu is an excellent indoor foliage plant, whether it is placed in the window sill position, or the coffee table, the desk, often It plays a very good decorative role, but also can relieve stress and relax people's spirit(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). However, nowadays it has entered the summer season, and the maintenance management work in the summer environment is very important, especially watering.

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(cheap small plastic flower pots in bulk)So, how long does the potted eucalyptus water in summer? As we all know(10.5cm plastic grow pots), Yushu is a succulent plant, and it is generally preferred to have a dry environment, so watering should be reasonably controlled, especially in summer. Because when the temperature is too high in summer, especially up to 38 °C, the plants are easy to enter dormancy, the growth will be very slow, and the consumption of water is very small(black plastic nursery pots), so it is necessary to pay attention to strictly control the frequency and amount of watering.

Under normal circumstances, for the watering of Yushu(100mm plastic grow pots), the principle of “seeing the wetness” is generally adopted, that is, when the surface soil in the basin has been dried, the water is hydrated in time, and the water is poured; the weather is very hot, so it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation. Timely shade to cool down. In addition to the above measures to cool down, watering in the summer should also be controlled, and water control is very important, especially for Yushu(wholesale nursery pots), which has already entered dormancy, it is necessary to reduce watering.

(cheap small plastic flower pots in bulk)If the plant is poured with a large amount of water in a hot and hot environment(11cm plastic grow pots), it is easy to cause a "buddle effect". In addition, if the ventilation conditions are poor, the plant is prone to yellow leaves, fallen leaves, and even rot. Because these two months are basically in the midsummer season. However, we also need to pay attention to the fact that if the ventilation conditions are not good enough during the period(plastic nursery pots wholesale), or if there is severe water shortage, it will also cause yellow leaves and fallen leaves.

Therefore, it is necessary to move the potted plants to a cool and ventilated place in time(110mm plastic grow pots), and at the same time do watering or not hydrating. As for the question of how long watering Yushu is in summer, it needs to be treated in two ways. If the environment is too dry during the period, you can spray water to moisturize and cool down. If Yushu has entered a dormant state(plug trays wholesale), you can keep a small amount of it every 10 days or so to maintain the most basic humidity of the potting soil.(cheap small plastic flower pots in bulk)

But even if it is watered in summer, you should choose a good time(plastic terracotta pots wholesale), generally do not water in the sun. Then watering in the morning and evening when the temperature is relatively low, and the ambient temperature and the water temperature can not form a large temperature difference, otherwise it may still cause certain damage to the plant. Therefore, watering in summer is very important(plastic nursery pots), which not only affects the dormancy of Yushu, but also determines the opportunity to wake up from dormancy.

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