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However, in the process of our maintenance(plastic nursery pots), when we found that the stalks of the stalks appeared, what should we do? Let Xiaobian tell everyone why it is caused. Sedum sylvestris is alive and well in the period of strong maintenance. Whether it is indoors or on the balcony, it is a very good choice, but suddenly we find that the leaves of the sloping grass are smashed(105 cell seed starting trays). What is going on?

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(cheap small plastic flower pots wholesale australia)Very easy to cultivate, sedum grass likes to grow in a warm environment(perlite wholesale price), heat-resistant but not cold-resistant, so it will be in a dormant period in winter, if we do not do warm measures at this time, it will cause frostbite And the slow leaves will also appear to be awkward(50 cell seed starting trays). Moreover, during the winter maintenance process, we can't water or fertilize the sloping grass, and it will cause frostbite and leaf sputum.

If in the process of conservation(black plastic nursery pots), in the spring, summer and autumn, when the leaves of the stalks appear in the leaves, the roots of the plants will not absorb nutrients normally, resulting in yellowing of the leaves. If it is not the external cause that causes the leaves of the stalks of the stalks, then we must consider whether there is a pest(72 cell seedling trays wholesale), and if it is a pest, it will also cause the leaves of the plants to worry.

(cheap small plastic flower pots wholesale australia)Easy to root, it is better to move to indoor breeding is better(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), if there is sunshine, we can put it in a room with a slightly lighter light. If the root system is in the process of curing the saplings, we must first pry the plants out, then trim the cleaned parts and clean them(105 cell seedling trays wholesale), then sterilize the wounds and place them in a cool, ventilated place. After planting, replant.

If pests occur in Sedum, we can use some carbendazim or chlorothalonil to kill(wholesale plant pots australia). If the branches are damaged by insects, we should trim them and disinfect them. For the stalks of the stalks that have already been smashed, it is best to pruning them in time so that the branches of the cockroaches can be avoided to affect the whole pot, and when we take measures(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), the plants of the stalks will slowly recover.(cheap small plastic flower pots wholesale australia)

Sedum is still widely used in folklore, and the whole herb has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying(plastic seedling trays). I will take you to know the morphological characteristics and growth habits of Sedum. In the winter maintenance of Sedum, we must do a good insulation measures, we must kill insects in time, Sedum, also known as dog teeth, scutellaria, stone nails, half lotus, chicken grass(128 cell seedling trays wholesale), dog teeth, melon seeds, It is a perennial herb of Sedum, and its environmental requirements are not strict.

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