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Cauliflower is a kind of vegetable with very high nutritional value(seed starting trays). It is rich in dietary fiber, which not only promotes our stomach, but also has certain brain tonic effect. Because it can even improve memory ability, it is a practical vegetable for all ages. So, how can we cultivate high-quality broccoli? Fertilization is the key(decorating plastic plant pots)! So, I'll tell you how fertilization can make broccoli high-yield and high-quality.

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The fertilization of broccoli is determined according to its different growth stages(wholesale nursery pots), and the amount of fertilization is also different in different growth stages. At this time, the fertilization is mainly to apply some superphosphate and potassium sulfate. When cauliflower enters bolting stage(2 gallon grow pots), it needs a lot of fertilizer, so at this time, in addition to superphosphate, urea and potassium sulfate should be used.(cheap small plastic nursery planters suppliers)

In the first few days before the broccoli is picked(square nursery pots), some urea can be used for topdressing, and some fertilizer can be sprayed on the leaf surface to have a good bud forming effect and prevent the bud from falling off. It is also necessary to apply fertilizer after picking the broccoli(plastic planters for sale). At this time, we can apply some mature organic fertilizer and high-quality farmyard fertilizer to the land, and at the same time, we should combine the ploughing together.

(cheap small plastic nursery planters suppliers)But we should pay attention to the following skills in the process of spraying: the proper concentration can achieve good results(seed starter trays), we can use too high concentration, which is not beneficial, but harmful. Generally speaking, the suitable spraying concentrations of various micro fertilizers are: boric acid or borax solution 0.05% - 0.25%, ammonium molybdate solution 0.02% - 0.05%, zinc sulfate solution 0.05% - 0.2%(3x6 grow tray), copper sulfate solution 0.01% - 0.02%, iron sulfate solution 0.2% - 1%.

Therefore, it is advisable to spray 2-4 times according to the growth period of vegetables(wholesale greenhouse pots). In order to reduce the loss of micronutrient fertilizer in the spraying process and facilitate the absorption of leaves, it is necessary to spray it from afternoon to evening in cloudy or sunny days(bulk pots for succulents), so as to prolong the retention time of fertilizer solution on vegetable leaves and improve the spraying effect.(cheap small plastic nursery planters suppliers)

The period of spraying micro fertilizer must be determined according to different vegetable varieties and different micro fertilizer varieties(plastic grow pots). Generally, spraying at the time of flowering is suitable. Generally, 40-70 kg of fertilizer solution per mu is suitable to wet the stems and leaves of vegetables(15 gallon grow bags). There are a lot of techniques to be mastered in spraying micronutrient fertilizer on vegetables in winter and low temperature season.

(cheap small plastic nursery planters suppliers)When the broccoli blooms, some bud fertilizer can be used to prevent the early senescence of the broccoli(flat plastic tray). It is more economical and effective to dilute the micronutrient fertilizer on vegetables leaves in low temperature season. It is difficult to meet the needs of the whole growth and development process(hydroponic plant trays). Fertilization can be started when the seedlings of cauliflower sprout. 

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