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Cheap Small Plastic Nursery Pots Bulk Buy

Whether the family potted green radish is used to purify the air or beautify the home environment(small plant pots bulk), it can often play an irreplaceable role, so it is deeply loved and respected by the majority of potted lovers. However, green radish is an indoor foliage plant, so if you want to maximize its value, conservation management measures need to be done(plastic plant pots bulk). And as long as the nutrients are sufficient, it will maintain a good growth state, and the stems and leaves are more green.

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But the choice of fertilizer is not the same as many other flower plants(cell plug trays). Then, what kind of fertilizer is needed for fertilization of green radish? Because it is a kind of indoor foliage plant with strong tolerance to yin, the topdressing of green radish is usually carried out during the growing season or the vigorous growth period, often with nitrogen fertilizer as the main factor, followed by potassium fertilizer(starter trays). The application of nitrogen is crucial for the growth of green radish. 

For the application of nitrogen fertilizer(greenhouse pots), you can choose ordinary urea fertilizer or ammonium sulfate fertilizer, of course, you can also buy some special fertilizer for green radish. However, it is recommended to use the special fertilizer of green radish when spraying foliar fertilizer, and the leaves are difficult to fully absorb. The effect is also very obvious for promoting the growth of plants(128 cell plug tray). Not only that, but also increase the risk of pests and diseases, and its cold tolerance will be greatly reduced. 

(cheap small plastic nursery pots bulk buy)The choice of fertilizer is very important before topdressing the home potted green radish(15 gallon nursery pots). In the way of fertilization, the application of nitrogen fertilizer as the foliage fertilizer can take a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Nitrogen is the main source(plastic bonsai pots), in fact, it is appropriate to increase the nitrogen content of the intake, if conditions permit, you can also add the following organic fertilizer in the potting soil.

The purpose of applying nitrogen fertilizer to potted green radish is to accelerate the growth of the plant by increasing chlorophyll and promoting vegetative growth(1 gallon nursery pots), so that the stems and leaves grow stronger and the plant type is more full. We also need to pay attention to the fact that nitrogen can not be ingested too much(5 gallon nursery pots), and it is easy to make the green loof leaves which are softer, and the stems and leaves are prone to appear.(cheap small plastic nursery pots bulk buy)

The opposite of excessive nitrogen fertilizer intake is that the nitrogen is not taken up by the plants for a long time, which causes the plants to be in a state of nitrogen deficiency(7 gallon nursery pots). When the green radish appears to be deficient in nitrogen for a long time, not only will the plant shape of the green radish be thin(10 gallon plant pot), but even the leaf color will appear yellowish in the green, the growth will be slower, and even the flowering will be inhibited to some extent.

This is naturally the result we don't want to see(plastic tree pots). Moreover, nitrogen fertilizer is also divided into plant nitrogen fertilizer and animal nitrogen fertilizer, such as human and animal urine, pig horse cattle and sheep feces, etc., which contain a large amount of nitrogen, so it is often regarded as animal nitrogen fertilizer; and bean cake(plastic plant pots uk), rapeseed cake, Sesame residue, etc., which often contain a large amount of nitrogen, is considered as a plant nitrogen fertilizer.(cheap small plastic nursery pots bulk buy)

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