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In early spring, when it was a white palm ramet before sprouting, the mother plant was taken out from the original basin(4 inch nursery pots), then the old soil was removed, and then it was divided into several plants along the junction of the root growth points of the plant, and each ramet needs to have more than three rhizomes and bud points(12 cell trays bulk), and then these ramets were respectively transplanted in the basin.

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Pour a small amount of water into the original basin to separate the soil close to the basin wall from the original basin(cheap plastic garden pots), and take the mother plant of white palm and the soil out of the original basin through inverted buckle. One hand is needed to hold the upside down plant and basin soil(18 cell trays bulk), the other hand is needed to insert the finger into the drainage port of basin bottom and pull upward, so that the plant can be easily taken out without damaging the plant.

(cheap small plastic plant containers manufacturer)First of all, after taking off the pot, put the plant and the pot soil on the ground, and then gently remove the soaked soil around the plant(20 gallon plastic pots). Pay attention to be careful in the process of operation. Do not damage the plant and its root system, or it will reduce the survival rate of seedlings(36 cell trays bulk). You can pick up the soft moist soil with gloves, or you can pick up the soil with tools, but no matter how you operate, you should avoid damaging the plants.

After pulling out most of the adhering soil on the mother plant of Anthurium palmatum, the fine white root system of the plant will all be exposed(square succulent pots). After we straighten out these roots, we can find that white palms can be divided into several plants. According to the distribution of roots and whiskers, the mother plant is divided into several ramets(40 cell trays bulk). Of course, care should be taken to avoid damage to the plant as much as possible. In this way, the survival rate of ramets can be improved.(cheap small plastic plant containers manufacturer)

The young plants with strong growth should be selected for transplanting in the upper basin(plug plant trays), and after the seedlings are selected, transplanting can be carried out according to the normal method of potting plants. However, if the plant is divided in spring, the germinated new buds need to be wiped out so as not to affect the survival of the seedlings(40 cell tray in bulk). However, it should be emphasized that there is a slow seedling process for the newly transplanted seedlings in the upper basin.

(cheap small plastic plant containers manufacturer)Let's follow Xiaobian to see how the potted white palms are divided(succulent pots in bulk). In addition to the need to water the seedlings just after the completion of the basin, the seedlings should not be allowed to receive direct sunlight within a few days of slow seedling period, and only after a few days of smooth slow seedling end can they gradually increase the light(51 cell trays bulk). Years ago, we need to dig the land deeply, and the depth is more than 25 cm. 

The ramets of Anthurium palmatum are usually made every two years(2 gallon plastic nursery pots), and we can combine them to change pots. At the same time, we need to irrigate the frozen water once, which can effectively kill the overwintering eggs. Secondly, some farmers like to use farm manure such as pig manure, cow manure, straw and so on(104 cell trays bulk). We must add microbial agents to carry out full fermentation, which can also effectively avoid the breeding place of grubs.(cheap small plastic plant containers manufacturer)

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