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Hydrangea is good for fat, but fertilization is still not blind(large plastic terracotta pots). During the growing period, use general fertilizer. Use more than 1 flower every 10 days. During flower bud differentiation, appropriate application of phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer, and high-phosphorus fertilizer (flower more than two) once a week. Stop fertilizing during sleep. First look at the situation where endless summer seedlings do not bloom(plug trays). Although endless summer belongs to the big flower hydrangea, the advantage of the endless summer variety is that the new and old branches can bloom.

(cheap small plastic plant pot sales uk)So it may cause your endless summer not to bloom(propagation tray). But this will not affect the situation in the coming year. The flowering of the seedlings in the season depends on the sun and the pruning. In order to achieve the best flowering effect, Hydrangea requires five hours of light per day. Many varieties of Hydrangea blossom are based on the growth of the season(plastic plant trays wholesale). Other varieties are based on the growth of the previous year, and some are flowering before and after. Have an impact.

In general, the best response strategy for watering on demand is to pruning after flowering, or not trimming at all(square grow pots). The first category applies to large-leaf hydrangea (excluding endless summer) and eucalyptus hydrangea. Both hydrangeas are old branches, and the old branches are divided into autumn and winter flower buds. It must be trimmed before the fall (end of August). Cut off the residual flowers, cut off the aged shoots, and cut the branches according to the needs of the control plant type(nursery plant pots). If the planting place is large enough, leave more branches.

(cheap small plastic plant pot sales uk)Endless Summer Series and Annabel Hydrangea (commonly known as wood hydrangea) and cone hydrangea are new varieties of flowering(seed starting trays), just stagger the spring buds, and the rest of the time can be trimmed. If the flowers are endless, every flowering period will not be negative (spring hydrangea trimming). In view of the blue color in the acid soil of big hydrangea(gallon nursery pots), the red color in alkaline soil, the principle of chaotic color in neutral soil, press Need to color.

However, the coloring needs to be carried out early(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), at least in the winter, and the coloring is most effective when the flower buds are differentiated. Hydrangea has strong adaptability and less pests and diseases. However, we still need to pay attention to the following points during planting to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases: avoid dense planting, pay attention to plant ventilation, to avoid the occurrence of powdery mildew(gallon plant pot); avoid excessive watering, causing stagnant water, causing fleshy roots to rot, stems and leaves Black and festering.

(cheap small plastic plant pot sales uk)When you start an endless summer seedling, you can't guarantee that it will bloom in the same year(seed starter trays). Based on the growth of the season and the maintenance of water and fertilizer, the fungicide should be sprayed in time in the hot and humid season. When the hydrangea of the scattered light is excessively strong in the summer, dark red burn spots or focal edges may occur on the leaves(black plastic plant pots). This is not a pest, please pay attention. It is recommended to plant the hydrangea in an environment with a lot of scattered light.

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