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Cheap Small Plastic Plant Pot Wholesale Suppliers Malaysia

Mosquito repellent - summer indoor mosquito repellent artifact(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In ancient times, mosquito repellents were known as "there are no famous grasses in the family, and the four seasons are not licking." Mosquito repellents can not only beautify the indoor environment, purify the air, but also have a good effect of repelling mosquitoes. Today, the editor of the staff's decoration network will give a brief introduction to the breeding methods and precautions of mosquito repellent. The price of mosquito repellent is determined according to the product's appearance(plastic nursery pots manufacturers): a basin of large mosquito repellent generally sells 15 yuan, a slightly larger one generally sells 25 yuan, and more leaves, generally sell 60 yuan.

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(cheap small plastic plant pot wholesale suppliers malaysia)Breeding methods: Mosquito repellents are generally cultured by sowing and cutting. sowing(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In the first ten days of March, the seeds were planted into clean fine sand, 3 cm deep. At room temperature of about 20 ° C, about one month can be germinated and rooted. Subsequently, the plants were planted, and the seedlings were raised in a small pot on the ordinary culture soil. When the seedlings grew strong, the white roots emerged from the bottom of the pelvic floor, and some crushed shoes were placed on the soil under the fertilizer to make the base fertilizer(seed starter trays), and then changed to the chrysanthemum barrel to be planted. Cutting. It is easy to survive in spring and autumn.

After pouring for 4 hours, pour water again(heavy duty gallon pot), and then keep the soil moist, not too dry or too wet. In the early spring, put the interior warm and bright. Growing environment: The name of the mosquito repellent is the geranium, the origin of the Cape of Good Hope. Hi warm water, in addition to shading in summer, there should be direct sunlight in other seasons, mosquito repellent can survive above -3 °C, 10-25 °C is suitable growth temperature, below 7 °C(plug trays wholesale), temperature above 32 °C is unfavorable, 3- Water was poured once in 6 days, but water could not be accumulated.

(cheap small plastic plant pot wholesale suppliers malaysia)Neutral acidic soil, usually fertilized once every 15-20 days(heavy duty plant pots). When the plant height is 30 cm, 40 insects have the best mosquito repellent effect, and the yellow leaves should be removed immediately. Note: Mosquito growth should not be too high humidity, otherwise it will cause disease root rot or stem and leaf rot, followed by leaf shrinkage, dark spots, and then the whole plant shrinks. At this time, it can be sprayed with fungicides such as white fungus, chlorpyrifos or carbendazim, but it should not be sprayed frequently(black plastic nursery pots). Sudden drop of leaves in the short term is often due to too much temperature change or insufficient light.

In winter, the temperature is too low or the light is not enough(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). If the water is too much, the leaves will turn yellow and will fall off soon. The soil in the pot should not be too dry, otherwise there will be dry leaves or dry edges of the leaves. The branches and leaves are long, mainly due to insufficient light. If the nitrogen fertilizer is too much and the irrigation is improper, it should be transferred to the light and trimmed(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Although mosquito repellents have a great effect on repelling mosquitoes, they should also choose the smell that suits them. Some people are allergic to plants that smell too strong, so it's best to ask yourself if you like it.

(cheap small plastic plant pot wholesale suppliers malaysia)In the evening, it is best to move the plants to the balcony(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). The green plants can make the indoors full of vitality, and some can really make the indoor air better. How should families plant these plants? Xu Xiaogang said that the best way is to move the plants to the balcony at night. Therefore, it can be placed in the sunny place of the room with heating equipment, at least keep the indoor temperature above 12 °C(plastic nursery pots). White Palm: An expert who suppresses exhaled gases such as ammonia and acetone. It also filters out benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air.

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