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Cheap Small Plastic Potting Pots For Sale

After the rice is flooded, its growth and development is affected(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The "water damage" is obvious. Strengthening the management of fertilizer and water is an important measure that can not be ignored after the flood disaster. The following tasks should be done: rapid drainage(50 cell plug trays supplier), where manual measures can be taken to eliminate internal or cumulative Water should be quickly concentrated by manpower and material resources to minimize the flooding time.

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In order to avoid the decline of root activity and the decrease of water absorption capacity after being affected(nursery plant pots), the rice plants are physiologically dehydrated and the leaves are withered, which in turn aggravates the loss; and it is beneficial to soil ventilation and early recovery. Root vitality(72 cell plant trays bulk). For the flooded early rice fields, the sludge on the rice leaves should be washed away with water, and the plants that have fallen down the ground must also support the seedlings.

(cheap small plastic potting pots for sale)When the weather turns sunny and the temperature rises, special attention should be paid to the prevention of sheath blight(large plastic terracotta pots). However, it should be noted that the method of elimination should not be rushed to drain, and the shallow water layer should be maintained at the beginning, and then drained gradually(105 cell plant trays bulk). The absorption capacity of the early rice roots after flooding is weakened, and the flooding time is shortened.

After the rice planting in this year, the south has been raining for many days, and many places have been flooded(gallon pot). Washing seedlings and decontamination are beneficial to the rapid restoration of photosynthesis in the leaves. At the same time, when the weather suddenly turns fine after the rain, the general temperature rises rapidly, and the paddy fields must be flooded in time to prevent the occurrence of dehydration(128 cell plant trays bulk). When you support the seedlings, you should avoid breaking the roots and hurting the leaves. 

Wet irrigation of fields with heavier disasters and insufficient number of seedlings(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), first exposed and then lightly, to facilitate the expansion of early-stage tillers. Later, according to the characteristics of flooding early rice with high tillering and different reproductive progress, special attention should be paid to strengthening the later stage. Management, try to strive for growth and consistency(162 cell plug trays supplier), and play a role in group production. Generally, the pest control is strengthened.(cheap small plastic potting pots for sale)

It is not suitable for heavy fertilization at one time(cell trays). It can be applied once after draining the exposed field. After 5~7 days, it will be applied once again. Generally, 5 kg of urea and 20 kg of compound fertilizer are used per mu. For the field after the flooding, the seedlings are late, the basic seedlings are insufficient, or the dead seedlings have appeared, the fertilizer should be applied early and re-applied once(200 cell plug trays supplier), and 7.5 kg of urea or 20 kg of compound fertilizer should be used per mu.

After the rice is flooded, the disease resistance of the plant is reduced(plastic plant trays wholesale), and the microclimate environment with high temperature and high humidity is easy to form in the field, which is conducive to the occurrence and spread of pests and diseases, and easily causes bacterial brown streak disease, bacterial blight, etc(32 cell plant trays bulk). About 15 days to see the second application of seedlings, the compound fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium. 

(cheap small plastic potting pots for sale)After the drainage, on the basis of the gradual solidification of the paddy fields(square grow pots), the fields with short flooding time and relatively high number of seedlings are lightly placed 2 to 3 times. Bacterial diseases, therefore, we must adhere to reasonable water control, tube fertilizer, especially in the late growth stage of early rice, to do shallow water irrigation(200 cell plant trays bulk), control nitrogen fertilizer, appropriate application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to enhance plant disease resistance.

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