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Generally, hydroponic culture requires 4 to 6 hours of light(propagation tray). Do not place it in direct sunlight. It is easy to burn the leaves of plants. In fact, in the process of hydroponic cultivation, it is necessary to change the water in 3 to 7 days. In winter, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of water exchange. It can be changed every 10 days, and it needs 15 to 20 in the growth process(square nursery pots). A few drops of nutrient solution can be added to the water to make it grow better.(cheap small plastic potting pots wholesale supplier)

Take it out of the hydroponic container and cut off the length of the roots(plug trays). You also need to cut off the unused branches. Although the cold tolerance of green radish is very strong, in the process of hydroponic culture, it is controlled by temperature and cold, otherwise the plant will be easily frostbitten in the water, causing its branches to yellow, and in winter, the hydroponic green radish needs to be moved to Indoor maintenance(seed starter trays), and need to control the water temperature in the sun around 10 °C.

On the mother plant of the green radish, the branches with relatively strong growth and about 4 leaves can be selected(gallon plant pot). The length of the branches can be about 10 cm. They can be cut in the brown convex part, and then they can be segmented into water. Can be trained. Regarding the problem of how to grow longevity in Phnom Penh, it is necessary to create a suitable environment for growth, to keep the soil fertile(wholesale greenhouse pots), the sun is mild, the water is sufficient, the temperature is suitable, and the foliage and fertilization are regularly pruned.

(cheap small plastic potting pots wholesale supplier)Hydroponics, seed and ramets are propagated, and attention should be paid to the prevention and control of scale insects and root rot(cell trays). Phalaenopsis chinensis is easy to cultivate, adaptable to all kinds of soil, loose and fertile, good drainage and soft and breathable soil is conducive to its growth. It needs to remove the blocky soil when planting, and can use sandy loam, humus, peat soil(greenhouse supplies pots), or sand. Dust plus a small amount of base fertilizer, large sand or perlite as a matrix, the matrix needs to be replaced once every 2 to 3 years.

Because it is to be placed in a cool, ventilated place(gallon nursery pots). Avoid the direct sunlight in the spring and autumn, and the summer temperature is high, just need to receive astigmatism in the morning and evening. The winter is mild and the sun is shining to keep the leaves green and full. It is also very important that the mild sunshine is good in the cultivation of the Phnom Penh. The Phalaenopsis sinensis has strong drought resistance(plastic grow pots). It only needs to be watered in the growing season to keep the soil moist, and avoid water in the basin.(cheap small plastic potting pots wholesale supplier)

In general, high temperature and drought seasons in summer require watering near the plants and on the foliage to maintain ambient humidity(black plastic plant pots). It is best to do it at noon, the water temperature and the air temperature are the same to avoid freezing the roots. It is necessary to pay attention not to water in the afternoon or evening, otherwise the leaves will rot. Phnom Penh is suitable for warm environment, not cold-resistant, 15 ~ 20 ° C can be conducive to its normal growth, 20 ~ 24 ° C fastest growth(flat plastic tray), more than 30 stop growing.

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