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Cheap Small Plastic Propagation Pots For Sale

The loss of water and fertilizer is serious and the supplement is difficult, which may lead to the growth of seedlings(plastic nursery pots). After the planting, the roots will soon start to produce new roots, which will not affect the slow seedlings(40 cell plug trays supplier). In the process of nursery, the roots can be avoided to avoid water and fertilizer waste.(cheap small plastic propagation pots for sale)

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Or 20% frost urea manganese zinc smoke agent(plastic nursery pots wholesale), or 15% evil cream manganese zinc smoke agent 250 ~ 350g smoke to kill pathogens, with 10% dichlorvos smoke agent, or 15% dimethoate smoke agent, or 10% anti-Smoke agent, or 10% fenvalerate smoker 300 ~ 500g smoke to kill pests. According to the situation, smoke every 1 to 10 days (days), and even smoke 2 to 3 times. 

Set 5 to 6 smoke points in the shed, evenly ignited after closing the shed in the evening, and ventilate the smoke on the second morning(104 cell plug trays supplier). The seeds produced by the coated pellets are more uniform and uniform, which helps to improve the comprehensive resistance at the seedling stage, and effectively promotes the seedlings, the seedlings, the seedlings, and the seedlings. 

Each square meter of bed soil can be mixed with 10% Fulme double wettable powder(black plastic nursery pots), or 50% carbendazim wettable powder 8~10g and 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate 800 times liquid into 10~15kg fine soil to prepare the soil, sowing Sprinkle it on the seedbed and turn it into the bed. Although the roots will be damaged when planting, the green onions have strong drought resistance. 

If the growing period of the nursery plot is not long, the effective live bacteria in the seedbed can be 8×10(105 cell seed trays wholesale), 10 CFU·mL-1 of Bacillus licheniformis water or Woyi multi-composite biological agent before planting. However, for many years, continuous cropping will cause multiple diseases, so the shed and soil need to be sterilized before planting. 

(cheap small plastic propagation pots for sale)In the early stage, the average fertilizer is 5~7d (day), and the middle and late stages are supplemented(plug trays wholesale).In the later stage, if the water and fertilizer are insufficient(sureroot plug trays bulk), the leaves become yellow (nitrogen deficiency), and the pseudo stems are purple (phosphorus deficiency at low temperature). 

After the emergence of seedlings(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), 0.1%~0.2% ternary compound fertilizer (NPK is 20-20-20) is applied according to the growth situation. Make up 1 time fat every 3d (days). In the middle and late stages, the growth and development of the seedlings is accelerated, and the demand for water and fertilizer is correspondingly increased.

Chemical fertilizer can be dissolved in well water or pure biogas slurry by 3 to 5 times solution. In the middle and late stages, as the growth of onion seedlings increases, the amount of fertilizer can be increased according to the growth situation(200 cell seed trays wholesale), and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and zinc are applied. Therefore, at present, the green onions are mostly seedbed in the seedbed.

(cheap small plastic propagation pots for sale)Production experience, in the middle and late stages, depending on the situation(wholesale nursery pots), increase the water content of the substrate to 60% to 70%, and keep the soil of the seedbed soil moist. It is more suitable for the cocoon with a ratio of 7:3. After the dry substrate is loaded, the substrate is difficult to be uniformly poured(plastic cell trays supplier). 

 In winter, it is suitable for arch shed seedlings(20 cell plug trays supplier). Occasional Fusarium rot disease, or 25% metalaxyl WP, 45% chlorothalonil can be used per 667m2, the size of the hole is small, and the substrate is small when raising the seedlings, so as to improve plant resistance(32 cell seed trays wholesale), The liquid biological agent and the liquid silicon fertilizer can be sprayed one to two times each.

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