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Cheap Small Plastic Seedling Pots In Bulk South Africa

Sowing is usually done in the morning. Prepare the seeder and select the seed before planting(gallon plant pot). When seeding, turn on the power to the seeder, then pour the seed into the suction cup of the seeder, open the switch, and shake it evenly to allow the seed to adhere to the hole in the suction cup. Then pour out the extra seeds. Make sure each hole has seeds and maintain the quality of each seed(square nursery pots). The breeding substrate is inverted on the suction cup of the seeder with the side of the hole facing down.(cheap small plastic seedling pots in bulk south africa)

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Turn the seeder over, close the switch, and pry the bottom cover aside(black plastic plant pots). Seeds were examined in the wells of each breeding substrate. The breeding substrate is transferred to a seedling tray. Place the seedling tray on the nursery table, pour the nutrient solution with a watering can, and let the nutrient solution immerse the breeding substrate. Moisturizing the seed after sowing is very important(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Spray the nutrient solution once or twice a day with a watering can to keep the surface of the seed moist and provide the necessary nutrients for seed germination.

(cheap small plastic seedling pots in bulk south africa)Where conditions permit, the tidal table can be used for seedling(gallon nursery pots), and the breeding substrate is infested into the nutrient solution twice a day for 40-60 minutes. During the breeding period, attention should be paid to the temperature control. If necessary, the shade net can be used to adjust the light. Under normal circumstances, 3-5 days can be germinated and emerged, and 5-7 days will be seedlings(wholesale greenhouse pots). The planting board should be prepared before planting. Depending on the variety, 288- or 99-hole planting boards can be used.

Colonization is usually carried out 3-7 days after sowing(plug trays). At the time of planting, the breeding substrates are cleaved one by one, and one seedling is inserted into the planting holes on the planting plate. Keep your hands light when planting, don't hurt the seedlings. The planting board should be filled with seedlings. After filling, the planting board should be placed in the breeding pond as soon as possible(greenhouse supplies pots). The management of lettuce after planting is very simple. In addition to ensuring the normal circulation of nutrient solution and controlling the temperature, there is no need for cultivating and weeding, and fighting drugs.

In order to facilitate the normal growth of lettuce(cell trays), so that it has enough space for growth and development, it is necessary to carry out the necessary seedlings for lettuce. Generally, the first seedlings are carried out 7-11 days after sowing. The first seedlings are also called two seedlings, and the seedlings that will be planted on the 288-well or 99-well planting plates will be transplanted on 72-well or 24-well culture plates to continue the cultivation(plastic grow pots). When seedlings are planted, gently pull out a seedling and gently insert it into the planting hole on the plate.(cheap small plastic seedling pots in bulk south africa)

When inserting, use a hook to gently hook the roots of the seedlings so that the roots are in full contact with the nutrient solution(propagation tray). After the transplant, the incubator should be placed in the incubation tank as soon as possible. A seedling will be carried out once on the 14th to 21st day after sowing. The second seedlings are also called three seedlings. They are the last seedlings. The seedlings that will be planted on 72- or 24-hole cultivation plates are placed on 18- or 6-hole cultivation plates(flat plastic tray). Generally, each plate is planted 6- 9 lettuces.

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