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Cheap Small Plastic Starter Pots Wholesale

Vegetables are indispensable ingredients in people's lives(wholesale nursery pots). With the improvement of living standards, the quality requirements for vegetables are getting higher and higher. It is very important to prevent pests during the process of planting vegetables and improve the quality of vegetables. Let's take a look at how to prevent and control vegetable pests. This is the serious disease of green onions(sureroot plug trays bulk). The disease is the biggest disease in agriculture today, not only harming green onions, but also all kinds of crops.(cheap small plastic starter pots wholesale)

The disease is a soil-borne disease caused by various reasons(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The general incidence rate is 10%-30%. After the disease, the plants often die, causing the lack of seedlings and ridges, and even the death of the whole park is a devastating disease. Some plots have been planted for more than 10 years, resulting in more and more pathogens infesting green onions(40 cell plug trays supplier). Due to the selective absorption of crops, the same nutrients in the soil are consumed more, resulting in imbalance or deficiency of nutrition.

In recent years(plug trays wholesale), farmers have applied a large amount of chemical fertilizers, ignoring the combination of organic fertilizers and micro-fertilizers, resulting in soil compaction, alkalization, and increased salting, which changed the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Before the pests, the residues and roots of the crops (including the roots and leaves of the green onions) will produce some toxins, such as organic acids, aldehydes, alcohols and hydrocarbons(105 cell seed trays wholesale), during the decomposition of the rot, which will obviously inhibit the crops. Role, affecting the growth of the crop itself.

(cheap small plastic starter pots wholesale)Cruciferous vegetables have the most pests, mainly including diamond moth, noctuid moth, rapeseed, and jumping armor(black plastic nursery pots). Sucking mouthparts pests, such as: rapeseed meal, in addition to causing direct harm to vegetables, there is also the risk of transmitting viral diseases; solanaceous vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, etc., are often endangered by whitefly, cotton bollworm, and tobacco budworm(20 cell plug trays supplier). It can cause damage to multiple organs, lose the edible value after eating the fruit, and lose more after transmitting the virus.

Leguminous vegetables are mainly caused by mites, spotted fly, and noctuid(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Vegetable seedlings are directly affected by underground pests such as tigers, crickets, snails and crickets. Mainly caused by the feeding of crops, the common leaf damage, resulting in holes, nicks and other phenomena. Causes yellowing, wilting, and curling of vegetable leaves(104 cell plug trays supplier). Drilling pests, vegetables are often withered, fruit holes, and decay.(cheap small plastic starter pots wholesale)

In addition to biting food and pests(plastic nursery pots), the secretions and excretions of the pests can cause secondary damage to the vegetables, which indirectly causes damage to the vegetables. Sowing seeds at the right time to cultivate strong seedlings and avoiding the peak period of pests. Reasonable rotations to avoid long-term single planting of vegetables of the same family(18 cell plug trays supplier). Strengthen management, eliminate weeds, crop residues, reduce pests and eggs, and reduce the chance of breeding.

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