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First of all, it is certain that lotus seeds can be planted to produce lotus flowers(plastic outdoor plant pots). For the planting method, please refer to the water lily, which will not be described in detail here. Another situation is that the supermarket buys large edible lotus seeds(cheap succulent pots). This kind of lotus seeds are peeled, but because of the treatment, the germination rate will be much lower, and the capacity will be much lower Easy to rot, for example, only one of ten can succeed.

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At this time, choose a flowerpot with a diameter of more than 30cm, and block the water leakage hole at the bottom(4 inch plant pots). On the bottom of the flowerpot, lay seven or eight horseshoes and some chicken and duck hair as the base fertilizer, cover the paddy soil or the old soil for planting flowers with a thickness of about half a foot(buy succulent pots online), and then plant the sprouted lotus seeds, and pour the water with a height of about half a foot from the soil surface.(cheap small plastic terracotta pots manufacturer)

Although yes, lotus seeds can be planted, but flower friends need to know some information about lotus seeds, but the process is not easy, and flower friends need to be careful to maintain to succeed(large plastic garden pots). Some key points of lotus seed: in the middle of April, select the plump, non damaged and sprouted lotus seed (a kind of lotus seed that has been picked out from the market, can't be used), soak it in warm water(small succulent pots wholesale), and sprout after three or four days.

(cheap small plastic terracotta pots manufacturer)After the lotus seeds grow two or three leaves, the height of the water surface can be increased(nursery tray). After lotus seeds are planted, the basin should be placed in the place with the wind to the sun. If the leaves are light and thin, put some bean cake or mash dregs into the mud in June and July(1.5 gallon container). Then add a new culture soil to the new basin.  However, there are many different situations of lotus seeds, such as those with shells. This kind of success rate is the highest. 

After sprouting, if the temperature is high, avoid the hot sun(small plant pots for succulents). Lotus seeds can bloom in the same year. After the "frost", cut off the remaining lotus flowers and move them into a cool (not frozen) room for winter. As long as the soil moisture is maintained by continuous water, move them out of the room in the next year (in the middle of April) for irrigation and fertilization(plastic flower pots for sale), they can also grow buds, grow buds, and compete for fragrance again.

Then put in the plant. I think the best way is to change part of the plants or half of the plants in the flowerpot(plant starter pots). If you can change the whole plant in two or more times. That is to say, it is safer to change one batch this year and another in the next year, and it is not easy to breed germs(buy plant pots online). What's more, even if one batch of plants fails to change pots, it is suggested that the rest of the plants will not be affected, so it will be more safe to change pots.(cheap small plastic terracotta pots manufacturer)

In the process of basin changing, gently remove the soil adhering to the part or half of the plant root system that needs basin changing, and try not to damage the root system, especially the main root(plastic plant containers). It is inevitable to injure a small number of fibrous roots, but as long as the main root is not injured, it is very easy to survive after changing the basin. Because the bamboo likes fertile soil(custom plant pot), put some long-term basal fertilizer at the bottom of the basin.

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