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Cheap Small Round Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

The process of transplanting bougainvillea from cutting propagation to growing into a potted plant with certain ornamental characteristics(plastic plant trays wholesale). In the previous article, Xiao Bian told everyone how to transplant bougainvillea, but if the transplanting method is not appropriate, it may cause a series of problems(cheap 2 gallon container), which may affect the growth status of young plants, and may cause death.

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The phenomenon that bougainvillea leaves leaves after transplanting is generally caused by excessive trimming(square grow pots). In the article "How to do after the happiness tree changed the leaves after the change of the tree in the past few days", Xiao Bian analyzed the phenomenon of wilting and the countermeasures after the transplanting of the happiness tree(3 gallon pots manufacturer). 

Therefore, firstly, it is transplanted into the basin, and the young bougainvillea needs to be pruned and rooted before transplanting the pot(seed starting trays). This is mainly to save unnecessary nutrient consumption for the young plants and to concentrate the nutrients to the remaining leaves(cheap small round plastic plant pots wholesale). In fact, the bougainvillea is similar, you can refer to it. So, what if the bougainvillea leaves the leaves after transplanting?

Thereby increasing the survival rate of transplanting. However, the pruning should be moderate(bulk 4 gallon pots) . If the pruning is too deep, whether it is the pruning of the branches or the pruning of the roots, it is very unfavorable for the survival of the plants. If we continue to go to the basin without any reason, the wounds on the roots will become bigger and bigger, and even the intact roots will rot.(cheap small round plastic plant pots wholesale)

(cheap small round plastic plant pots wholesale)So especially our pruning of the root system is too harsh, which seriously affects the normal absorption of water and nutrients by young plants(large plastic terracotta pots). As we said before, in addition to the need for root remediation, the young bougainvillea needs to be rooted with red clay mud. Whether the method of transplanting is scientific and reasonable will directly affect the survival and growth of the plant.

Due to severe damage, water and nutrients cannot be used in various parts of the tree in time. If the leaves are unable to be replenished, if the time is long, the leaves will naturally appear(1 gallon plant pots distributor). Of course, there is another situation, that is, the degree of pruning is more appropriate, and the process of the upper basin is also correct(cheap small round plastic plant pots wholesale).

What is the phenomenon of the leaves still appearing after the transplanting of bougainvillea(gallon pot)? In fact, the problem may still be in the root system. However, if there is no germicidal disinfection after rooting and the soil contains many germs, the bacteria will invade and infect the wound from the root wound(2 gallon plant pots distributor). Of course, the phenomenon of falling leaves will be more serious. 

So even if neither of the above two situations occur, we may still encounter the phenomenon of leaves falling after the transplanting of bougainvillea(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The roots are not tightly integrated with the potting soil. Therefore, the purpose is to make the roots and soil contact more tightly(bulk 1.5 gallon pots) . We make it easier for roots to absorb nutrients from the soil. And moisture(cheap small round plastic plant pots wholesale).

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