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For orchids we can't generalize, we have to choose different watering methods according to different seasons(plastic plant trays wholesale). When the orchid enters the dormant period in winter, the growth almost stops. At this time, the water can maintain the normal demand. It is necessary to keep the soil moist. In winter, it is enough to keep the surface of the soil slightly moist(128 cell seed trays wholesale). The so-called "summer and autumn can not be dry, winter and spring can not be wet", this is the experience of the orchids summarized by the predecessors.(Cheap Smart Pots Wholesale Supplier Ontario)

The basin soil is slightly moist and can be safely wintered(gallon pot). If the potting soil is already very dry, it should be sprayed with water of the same or similar temperature as the room temperature before and after noon in the warm and sunny weather, so that the potting soil is slightly wet, so do not use large water to prevent the basin from freezing or basin soil. Over-wet roots. Watering is best with rain and snow, and can't be poured with tap water that has just been released(seed starting trays supplier). If there is no rain or snow, when you need to pour water, you need to dry the tap water for a day or two before you can use it.

The water used to water the orchids is preferably rainwater or river water(square grow pots). If well water or fresh tap water is used, the potting soil tends to become alkaline, the soil quality is poor, the soil is poorly plated, the water seepage is poor, and the air permeability is poor, which makes the winter soil easy to be wet. The possibility of rotten roots is high. Because different varieties of orchids require different amounts of water, watering should be treated differently in winter(32 cell plug trays supplier). For example, Qiulan should be watered before winter, while Chunlan should be suitable for penetration.

(Cheap Smart Pots Wholesale Supplier Ontario)When watering, it should be poured from the basin edge to gradually flow into the flower root until the flower root is moist(large plastic terracotta pots). When it is snowing, Qiulan does not need watering, while Chunlan is better with moisturizing; from winter solstice to light snow, Qiulan and Chunlan can not water or master eight points and two degrees of wetness(72 cell plug trays supplier). Often Lan You came to say that the orchids that were raised before will always freeze to death, or some Lan friends said that orchids should be placed in winter, will freeze and die, and so on.

At this time, it is most suitable to water the orchid(seed starting trays). When the orchid is under the sun, the basin will not freeze, and the root of the orchid meat can absorb the water in time. The water in the basin will be relatively quick and dry. When the temperature at night is continuously reduced, the amount of water in the basin is relatively small, and it is not easy to cause frost(128 cell plug trays supplier). On the contrary, watering in the evening, the basin is wet and drenched, and as the night temperature continues to decrease, the possibility of causing orchid frost is greatly enhanced.

(Cheap Smart Pots Wholesale Supplier Ontario)If the interior is heated and the orchids are kept indoors, then it is a different matter. Nothing is the best plant, the best technology(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Only by combining your own orchid environment with all kinds of integrated environments such as orchid planting, watering ventilation management, etc., it is best for you to raise your own orchids(105 cell plug trays supplier). The experience of others can only be used for reference. It must not be copied and copied, and it will only be half the effort.

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