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Cheap Soil Block Trays Wholesale Suppliers Philippines

Even in the high-temperature summer, only 15-20cm of the soil is deeply covered with the film and then fully exposed to the sun(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). First, the soil temperature is above 55 ℃. When the film is used for soil disinfection with solar heat, polyethylene film is the best choice for covering, no matter the new or old, as long as the film is not too dirty and the thickness is 0.05mm(five gallon nursery pots), the purpose of heat preservation can be achieved.

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Without removing the covering film, disinfect the soil of the cultivation plot or the seedbed(2 gallon plant pots distributor), loosen the soil, dilute it with 40% formaldehyde and spray it on the soil evenly with 100 times solution, then deep turn the sprayed soil again to make the soil mix evenly, cover it with waste film completely and seal the greenhouse for 4-5 days, then remove the film and loosen the soil again, open the vent for ventilation(72 cell flats), 1 Sowing or planting can be carried out after 5 days.

(cheap soil block trays wholesale suppliers philippines)In the high temperature season in summer(bulk 2 gallon containers), the framework, walls and soil of the whole greenhouse are exposed to the light, and sterilized by the sun and ultraviolet rays. One week before the preparation of autumn and winter vegetable seedling, the greenhouse space and farm tools can be sterilized by fumigation with sulfur powder(growers pots wholesale). After more than 15 days, it also has a certain role in eliminating bacteria and harmful eggs.

The seeds should be spread out in a clean seeding basin or paper basin in the greenhouse(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). The specific method is: mix 1000 g sulfur powder and sawdust per mu, mix them well and put them at each point of the greenhouse, and put all the farm tools and poles into the greenhouse together(5 gallon pots bulk). In addition, from the perspective of material selection, if 200-250g fumigation is used per mu, it can be conducted in three times before sowing in the greenhouse, with an interval of one week.

The current dark fire is ignited and fumigated in a closed greenhouse for 12 hours(24 cell trays bulk). Or use 45% chlorothalonil aerosol to fumigate the greenhouse with 1000 grams per mu. Open the air vent 1-2 days before planting or sowing. In addition, the wall framework, all parts and corners in the greenhouse can also be disinfected by spraying formaldehyde 300-500 times solution(heavy duty plug trays). After spraying for 7 days, open the vent for ventilation, and then use it after 15 days.(cheap soil block trays wholesale suppliers philippines)

Choose sunny days, use the idle stubble period, remove the greenhouse cover film, thoroughly clean the garden(4 cell trays bulk), remove all dead branches and leaves, sick plant residues, dry heat treatment can also promote seed germination and decomposition and volatilization of toxic substances, improve seed water absorption and resistance, and help to increase yield(injection molded nursery containers). After fumigation, the greenhouse is still closed for 7-10 days for disinfection and sterilization.

(cheap soil block trays wholesale suppliers philippines)At the same time, the vegetables planted in autumn and winter need to be planted 3-5 days before sowing in high temperature season(6 cell trays bulk). Take 300 g of brown sugar and dissolve it in 500 ml of clear water, add 10 g of yeast, spray, irrigate and soak seeds. Spray 20 kg of water every 20 ml, three times in the whole growth period(plastic planters canada). Diseases and insect pests are inevitable. The soil of nursery bed should be disinfected to improve the yield and quality.

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