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Now the common leaf eating pests and their control methods are detailed as follows(bulk pots): moths: commonly known as foreign pepper. In severe cases, all leaves can be eaten up, so that the branches are bare and dry, and even the whole plant is dead. The larva is green and spins and droops when disturbed(deep cell plug trays). Generally, they can reproduce more than ten generations a year. 

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Control methods: artificial removal of insect bracts (rolled leaves)(shallow germination trays); spraying alcohol with 1500 times of 90% trichlorfon or 1000 times of 50% dichlorvos emulsion. The beetle is commonly known as jinkelang. In the adult stage, spraying 1500 times of 90% trichlorfon or 1000 times of 50% marathon(plastic planters bulk). The body is covered with white shell, sucking the juice, or covered with white ciliated wax secretion.

(cheap square nursery pots suppliers australia)Piercing sucking pests are a kind of pests with piercing and sucking mouthparts(plastic planters suppliers). Its harmfulness is characterized by its upper and lower jaws needling into the stems and leaves of abandoned plants, sucking juice, resulting in poor plant growth and withered and yellow leaves(sureroot plug trays bulk). The common piercing sucking pests of flowers are as follows: aphids: commonly known as putty insects, blue insects.

A pair of "ventral tubes" on the left and right sides of its abdomen pierce into the plant body, causing the leaves to change color, shrink, curl, and form a thin insect(black plastic plant pots wholesale). There are many species, 5 ~ 6 mm in length. Some are yellow, brown, red, purple and other colors. Once scale insects are found, effective measures should be taken immediately to eliminate them(shallow microgreen trays). It can produce 2-3 generations a year.(cheap square nursery pots suppliers australia)

In severe cases, the branches and leaves withered and the whole plant died(large plastic planters uk). In addition, many aphids can transmit flower virus and induce tobacco borne diseases. Body color varies with species, generally green, yellow, light green, dark green and black brown. There are many kinds of aphids(72 cell seed trays wholesale). It sucks the juice of the host and causes the damaged parts to lose green and appear yellow and white spots.

(cheap square nursery pots suppliers australia)The flowers that aphids often damage are guaye chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, rose, stone trough, goldfish grass, peach, cherry blossom, wood stall, etc(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Control method: when the number of potted flowers is small and aphids occur sporadically, the potted flowers can be washed obliquely under tap water(plastic plant pots wholesale). This method not only repels insects, but also cleans leaves. The body is small and soft.

About 100 species of aphids are known in China, and their reproductive capacity is very strong(72 cell plug trays supplier). You can also use washing powder diluted 400 times with water to spray the leaf surface. The commonly used insecticide is 40% Omethoate 1500 times dilution, the effect is the best(blow molded nursery pots). It can be controlled by manual method.In addition, can also be used tobacco lime water, pyrethrum, fish phenanthroline, etc.(cheap square nursery pots suppliers australia)

Food miscellaneous, harm a variety of flowers, such as Laili, rose, stone trough, plum blossom, a bunch of red, cockscomb, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, kumquat, etc(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Red spider mainly damages the leaves, stems and buds of flowers. In serious cases, it causes withered leaves and leaves falling early, and some of them can transmit virus(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). When the number of aphids is large, it is best to spray insecticide in time.

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