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Peat soil is mixed with clay to make it easy soil(3 gallon pots manufacturer); mixed with easy sandy soil can change its cohesiveness and improve its water holding capacity. Peat as a substrate plus various fertilizers and other ingredients can be formulated into a variety of culture soils with light weight, good quality, and no pests or diseases(9cm plastic grow pots). Therefore, the soil used for potted flowers needs to use artificially prepared culture soil, so the requirements for soil are more strict.

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Turf soil is formed by weeds, straws, etc(bulk 4 gallon pots). It contains more clot and contains more minerals, showing a weak alkaline reaction. Coniferous soil is formed by piled and decayed deciduous branches of pine and coniferous conifers and mosses. In addition, there are still lake soil, river mud, garden soil, field soil, slag soil, horse dung soil, etc(hydroponic farming tray). It is mainly used for planting rose, chrysanthemum, dianthus and other flowers and aquatic flowers.(cheap square plastic flower pots factory russia)

The coniferous soil formed by the fallen leaves of spruce and fir is best(1 gallon plant pots distributor). Coniferous soil is strongly acidic (pl3.5~4.0), rich in humus, suitable for cultivation of flowers such as Du Peng and other acid soils. mixed with soil manure and accumulated decay. Mountain mud is commonly known as orchid soil(90mm plastic grow pots). The natural humus soil produced in the mountainous areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang is formed by the decay of fallen leaves accumulated over many years.

(cheap square plastic flower pots factory russia)is often used as soil for sowing or arranging general flowers, and is also one of the main raw materials for preparing cultivation soil(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). Guangdong pond mud is a fertile pond mud in southern China. It is a surface soil deposited at the bottom of fish ponds for many years. It is rich in organic matter, rich in nutrients, slightly acidic, and hard in texture(orchid plug trays). It is commonly used in the north for the cultivation of Jianlan and Bailan.

Family flowering mostly adopts the method of pot loading(2 gallon plant pots distributor). The saprophytic soil is loose, porous, acidic or slightly acidic (coniferous saprophytic soil is acidic, broad-leaved saprophytic soil is slightly acidic), rich in nutrients, suitable for planting various flowers and soils like acid, and is also a modulation One of the main materials of potted soil(hole tray). A little discomfort in cultivation soil will obviously affect its growth and development.(cheap square plastic flower pots factory russia)

Due to the limited volume of pot soil, the root system of flowers is limited to pots(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). On the one hand, it requires the nutrients needed for flower growth in the limited pot soil, and also requires good physical properties. The soil with the same name, because of the different collection areas(128 plug tray), some are neutral, some are acidic or alkaline, and the planting effect is different, which can only be determined according to local conditions. 

(cheap square plastic flower pots factory russia)Generally, the cultivation soil required for potted flowers must be loose(bulk 2 gallon containers), well-drained, and breathable to meet the needs of root respiration; second, it must have sufficient nutrients, rich in humus, good fertilizer and water retention, to meet the needs of flower growth and flowering; three It should be suitable for the pH of flower growth(v11 nursery pots); Fourth, it does not contain harmful microorganisms and other harmful substances, diseased eggs and living bodies.

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