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Cheap Square Plastic Nursery Pots Wholesale Price UK

Shi Tao, a great painter, is also a famous landscape expert(200 cell trays bulk). He lived in Yangzhou for a long time and was able to build stones and build mountains, which played a great role in promoting the development of gardens and bonsai art in Yangzhou. We adopted the combination of cutting and binding, and achieved the effect of easy shaping(10cm plastic grow pots). After molding, it needs to be re filmed once or twice a year.

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Root lifting is mostly used for June snow, winter jasmine, Canary and elm, and many other tree species can also be used(50 cell seed starter trays). Because of its high technical requirements, it is called "fine binding and fine shearing". According to legend, Yangzhou bonsai began to spread in the Tang Dynasty, and it was popular in the Qing Dynasty(deep cell plug trays). The size and number of clouds should be determined by the tree shape and the size of the plant.

(cheap square plastic nursery pots wholesale price uk)According to the painting principle of Chinese painting "branches are not straight"(112 cell trays bulk), each branch in the cloud is usually tied into a very thin snake shaped curve, the most dense one is "one inch three bends", and the leaves are flat and upward, parallel and arranged. This branch method is commonly used for melon seed, boxwood and other tree species(large plastic planters uk). "Pimple style" is another feature of Yang School in tree modeling.

Yangpai's tree modeling is not all in the form of clouds, but is different according to the wood(72 cell seed starter trays). Generally, it takes many years of processing and training to form. The cloud was originally modeled on the image of natural trees, such as the famous yellow mountain Yingke pine, whose branches and leaves are flattened and whose crown is covered with thin cover(40 cell seed starting trays). When cutting and binding, try to achieve "every Brown knot, hide Brown hidden knot".(cheap square plastic nursery pots wholesale price uk)

As for the method of cutting and binding, there are 11 kinds of brown methods(288 cell trays bulk), such as raising brown, bottom brown, skimming brown, waving brown, mixing brown, flat brown, covering brown, hanging brown, lower brown, even brown, sewing palm, etc. according to different tree species, different branches can be selected as appropriate(plastic plant pots wholesale). It is very difficult to form the above-mentioned clouds with branches and leaves.

(cheap square plastic nursery pots wholesale price uk)In recent years, with the development of Yang school, the method of cutting and tying branches has also been reformed(18 cell seed starting trays). At the same time, we also learned the experience of other schools, such as the cultivation of Ulmus pumila, Prunus and other tree species, and absorbed the advantages of the Su school's cutting(shallow microgreen trays). The larger one is like the mouth of the jar, and the smaller one is like the mouth of a bowl, about 1-9 pieces.

Most of the trunks of trees adapted to the clouds are twisted in a spiral shape, which is as changeable as a dragon(20 cell trays bulk). It gives people the beauty of curves and is commonly known as the "dragon bend". The clouds are placed on the curved protruding parts, which form a sharp contrast with the bent trunk, and show the ancient and beautiful trees(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). On the premise of not affecting the artistic effect, the technique is simplified.(cheap square plastic nursery pots wholesale price uk)

Yang school pays attention to raising roots in tree modeling, that is to say, the roots of trees are lifted up year by year, which has the potential of a dragon and a tiger(20 cell seed starting trays). For the raised roots, we should also carefully choose and bend, so that it and the upper part of the tree take the potential each other, to achieve the effect of ancient painting(plastic planters suppliers). Clouds are mainly seen in pine, cypress, elm, boxwood and other tree species.

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