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Cheap Square Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers Malaysia

Potted flowers not only need to be watered at the right time and in the right amount(128 cell trays), but also need to be sprayed in a timely manner and in order to increase the humidity of the air, reduce the temperature, wash away the dust on the flowers and leaves and wash away some pests(40 cell plug trays supplier). Water spraying around the plant keeps the air at a relatively high humidity, which is very beneficial to its growth and development.

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The temperature in winter is low, and many flowers enter the dormant or semi-dormant period(seedling trays). At this time, watering should be controlled, and the potted soil is not too dry. Otherwise, it is the easiest to rotten roots and fallen leaves, affecting growth and blossom next year. Winter watering should be carried out at 13-14 o'clock in the afternoon(104 cell plug trays supplier). The amount of water spray should be different according to the variety of flowers.

(cheap square plastic plant pots suppliers malaysia)Rainwater (or snow water) is the most ideal in natural water(v14 nursery pots), because rainwater is a kind of water that is close to neutral, contains no minerals, and contains more air, and is most suitable for growing up. Insufficient water supply or excessive watering will adversely affect the flowers. Insufficient watering does not work, and in turn, too much watering is also harmful(105 cell seed trays wholesale). Potted flowers grow in flower pots for a long time.

In order to avoid the scorching of young leaves and keep the plants fresh(plug plant trays), especially for some flowers that are afraid of heat (such as cyclamen, fuchsia, etc.) and flowers that prefer shade and humidity (such as Du Peng, orchid, camellia, etc.) Potted flowers often have insufficient watering(32 cell seed trays wholesale), the leaves and petioles of the flowers will shrink and sag, and the plants will be in the state of wilt mushrooms.

First, water is the main component of plant cell protoplasts(288 plug tray); second, water participates in metabolic activities such as plant photosynthesis, respiration, synthesis, and decomposition; third, various organic and inorganic nutrients required for plant growth can only be dissolved in water before they can be used by flowers and plants Absorption and transportation in the body(4.72inch plastic plant pots), so watering should be reduced.(cheap square plastic plant pots suppliers malaysia)

Briefly speaking, the role of water in the life process of flowers has the following aspects(farm tray). Therefore, to make the flowers grow and develop normally, they must meet their water requirements, and reasonable watering is the key to the success or failure of growing flowers(200 cell plug trays supplier). Fourthly, only when the cells contain sufficient water to maintain the tension of the cells, the branches and leaves can stand upright to receive sunlight and gas exchange.

Seedlings and delicate flowers, as well as the newly rooted cuttings in the new pots should be sprayed with more water(soil block trays). After the autumn, the temperature is getting lower and the flowers grow slowly. Due to the limited potted soil and insufficient water storage(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), water needs to be frequently supplemented by watering throughout the growth process to ensure the normal growth and development of flowers.

(cheap square plastic plant pots suppliers malaysia)If the potted flowers are in such a state of insufficient water supply and wilted Artemisia for the long term(rootmaker trays), the older leaves at the bottom of the plantation will gradually yellow and dry, the new shoots will shrink, grow slowly, and the leaves will lose the bright green luster, which ultimately affects the quality of flowering or flowers(4.92inch plastic plant pots). To clarify this issue, we need to talk about the physiological role of water in flowers and plants.

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