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Cheap Square Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers South Korea

If cultivated under high temperature conditions(1 gallon nursery pots supplier), the external shape of the plant will show various deformed and degenerative symptoms, such as leaf shrinkage, dwarf plant shape, reduced tuber deformation, aging and cracking of the epidermis, and even deterioration of the seed quality(120mm plastic grow pots). The output is decreasing year by year. Viruses are the main cause of potato degradation. Fat, and then covered with soil to form ridges.

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Inhibits the propagation and infection of the virus, thereby improving the potato's resistance to degradation(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). Depending on the situation, according to the situation, if necessary, topdressing can be used to make the potato seedlings grow vigorously. In case of drought after emergence, ditch irrigation or picking water to resist drought is required(farm tray). To prevent premature aging, a third dressing, soil cultivation and watering should be carried out.(cheap square plastic plant pots suppliers south korea)

The potato seed potato planted in summer is lightly degraded, grows vigorously, and has a high yield(3 gallon nursery pots supplier). At the same time, due to the short growth time of tubers in the field, the shape of the potato is small, the potato skin is soft, and the seed quality is good. In the second year, Xiaojian planted potatoes(12.5cm plastic grow pots). In mountainous areas above 800 meters above sea level, the main technical requirements for potato summer sowing are as follows.

Especially in the potato formation period (about 35 days after emergence), more attention should be paid to soil cultivation and drought resistance(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). To plant good autumn potatoes, the following technical measures should be taken: choose fertile and loose land, plough deep rakes 2 to 3 times, and apply sufficient rotten round fertilizer mixed with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer as base fertilizer before the second rake(288 plug tray). In the second cycle, all the leaves were unfolded.

(cheap square plastic plant pots suppliers south korea)From the emergence of the flower buds to the first cycle, the leaves form a cluster stage(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). If the underfill is insufficient, it should be watered to benefit the whole bacteria. Before sowing, a trench of 8 ~ 10 cm deep should be opened according to the row spacing of 60 ~ 65 cm. Ammonia fertilizer should be applied(soil block trays). Seed potatoes should be laid out according to the plant spacing of 15 ~ 20 cm. The overlying soil should not be too deep, just 6-10 cm above the ground.

In the presence of epilepsy, the high temperature can promote the rapid propagation and infection of the virus, which will aggravate the degradation of potatoes(14 gallon nursery pots supplier). After cultivating the seedlings, carry out soil cultivation once, such as drought, watering once, hoeing and squatting seedlings, to promote early growth and growth of trees(rootmaker trays). Plants are growing rapidly at this stage, and soil should be cultivated and watered in combination with top dressing.(cheap square plastic plant pots suppliers south korea)

When the potato seedlings were sealed, the underground tubers expanded rapidly(15 gallon nursery pots supplier). Sowing from June 20 to July 20. This method can avoid the high temperature, combined with cultivating when 70% of the emergence, applying 15 kg of ammonium sulfide per mu or 1000-1500 kg of human dung(200 cell plug trays). In early August, when overcast days or morning and evening temperatures were not too high, the seed potatoes germinated on the sand bed were sown in the field.

Be careful not to bury or damage the stems and leaves during top dressing and soil cultivation, so as not to affect photosynthesis(gallon plant pots wholesale). To keep the field moist, prevent over-drying and over-wetness, and to prolong the growth of autumn potatoes, you can cultivate the soil on the north or west side of the potato ridge before the frost period to prevent freezing(v16 nursery pots). According to experiments, this measure increased production by more than 20% compared to early harvest.

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