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Cheap Square Plastic Planter Factory Spain

It should be cut when the temperature is low and there is no wind or sun, especially in the morning and evening(plastic seed trays). Because in the early morning and evening, the temperature is relatively low, the relative humidity of the air is high, the water content in the plant body is more, and the evaporation capacity is also small(plastic hanging baskets for sale). At this time, the cut flower branches lose less water, which is easy to recover and not easy to wither.

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This kind of form is mainly used in festivals and banquets(plastic garden pots wholesale). The decoration of flowers only needs to be maintained for a short time. The common treatment methods are as follows: cutting in water, bending the flower branch in the water and then cutting away from the mother body, so that the incision does not contact with the air, which can be applied in a small amount of cut flowers(plastic tree pots wholesale). Water quality is not clean, affecting water absorption.

(cheap square plastic planter factory spain)The incision is rotten and cannot absorb water normally(large plastic planters cheap). In view of the above reasons, we should properly deal with the cut flowers before flower arrangement, and pay attention to the daily maintenance of flower arrangement, so as to prolong the poor period of water culture of flower arrangement(small plastic terracotta pots). For the wall and hanging curtain slow decoration, need to pin, tape, etc. to fix it, or use a string to connect flowers before hanging.

Before flower arrangement, the lower end of the flower branch is immersed in water and then cut off a section, which can cut off the part of the flower branch that has entered the air or is infected and rotten(plastic flower pots wholesale). The new incision can prevent the air from invading or being polluted again, thus prolonging the life of cut flowers(five gallon planter). The treatment methods include incision smearing, immersion and preparation of aquacultural solution.(cheap square plastic planter factory spain)

In terms of flower material itself, different plants have their own optimal cutting time because of their different flowering habits and opening speed(nursery plant pots wholesale). The stem base is immersed in boiling water for tens of seconds or burned to scorch with fire, so that the stem tissue fluid will no longer overflow, which has the effect of preventing incisional stumping and water quality corruption(buy plastic plant pots online). This method is applied to the flowers with milk and pulp.

(cheap square plastic planter factory spain)Air enters through the incision and forms bubbles in the catheter, causing the water column to break off(plastic plant pots bulk). Stem grass is often scalded with water, while wood is often burned by fire. Especially for some flowers with dense leaves, such as chrysanthemum, rose, peony, etc., more attention should be paid to thinning leaves(propagation tray succulents). In winter, when there is a lack of fresh flowers, dried flowers or artificially dyed colored leaves can also be used.

The purpose of increasing water absorption is to cut the stem base obliquely by enlarging the incision(plastic hanging baskets wholesale), or splitting the incision longitudinally into 2-4 parts with a stone in the middle, or splitting the stem base with a hammer. If the cut flowers need to be transported, it is better to cut them in the evening, because the flowers cut in the morning are easy to break in the process of packaging and transportation(small plastic plant containers). The sap of plant tissue overflows and blocks the incision.

In order to reduce the water evaporation of leaves, some branches and leaves should be cut off as far as possible without affecting the modeling, so as to reduce water evaporation and improve water absorption(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). The effects of chemical treatment mainly lie in sterilization and antisepsis, promoting water absorption, increasing nutrition, inhibiting water transpiration of branches and leaves(plastic nursery planters), and preventing petals falling off due to separation layer.(cheap square plastic planter factory spain)

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