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The seedling density of out of ring afforestation without transplanting should be small, and that of out of ring afforestation after transplanting should be larger(1 gallon plant pots distributor). The density of seedbed operation is generally higher than that of large ridge operation, so the yield is higher than that of ridge operation(plastic succulent pots). Because of this, with the following advantages: the seedling quality of bed operation is not as good as that of ridge operation.

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The management should be more detailed and more dense, and vice versa(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). The density of seedlings is mainly expressed in the spacing between plants and rows. Generally, the density of biennial seedlings is smaller than that of annual seedlings. The older the seedlings are, the smaller the density is(nursery pots canada). The seedlings with high technology level can be more dense, while those with low technology level should be less.(cheap square plastic planter manufacturers chile)

The row spacing (edge to edge) of seedlings in the seedbed should be 15-25cm, which is too narrow to loosen soil, hoe and top dressing(2 gallon plant pots distributor). The width of the bottom of the ridge for field operation is 60-80m, and the quality of seedlings sown in two rows is generally better than that in the bed(1.5 gallon plant pot). Too much sowing cost not only seeds, but also seedling density, and labor-intensive seedling spacing; too little sowing, low seedling yield.

In addition, because larch seedlings need to be transplanted and cultivated for one year before they can be planted in the nursery, 480 plants / m2 is considered as the best density(bulk 2 gallon containers). In order to determine the density, the machines and tools used in seedling management must be considered in order to determine the appropriate row (belt) distance, which is also related to the density(100mm plastic grow pots). The density of seedlings is different with different ages.

(cheap square plastic planter manufacturers chile)It is the most widely used method, first, the seedlings have a certain distance between rows(24 cell trays bulk), which is convenient for the work of middle ploughing, weeding, trenching and topdressing, pest control and mechanized operation; second, the seeds are saved compared with the sowing; third, the row spacing of the seedlings is larger(succulent plug trays). Strip sowing is to evenly plant seeds in the sowing ditch according to a certain row spacing.

It can make seedlings receive light evenly, have good ventilation conditions, grow healthily and have good quality(6 cell trays bulk). Fourthly, it is easier to start seedlings than to pay and sow them, and it is suitable for all kinds of trees. The sowing width of broad-leaved trees is about 10 cm, and that of coniferous trees is 10-15 cm(plug flats wholesale). Sowing is a method of sowing seeds evenly on the bed or ridge. The main advantage of seeding is the high yield of seedlings. 

Broadbanding means broadbanding, which can improve the yield of qualified seedlings per unit area(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). The experiment of Populus microphylla seeding showed that the yield of I and II seedlings with 10 cm and 14 cm width increased by 15.7% - 18.4% and 13.2% - 20% respectively compared with those with 3 cm width(11cm plastic grow pots), and the seed was planted on the enclosure according to a certain distance between the rows.(cheap square plastic planter manufacturers chile)

There are three disadvantages(4 cell trays bulk): first, it is not convenient for the work of middle ploughing, weeding, forcing fertilizer, pest control and so on; second, it is easy to cause the lack of light, poor ventilation, poor growth of seedlings, which will reduce the quality of seedlings when it is too dense; third, it is a large amount of seeds for seed storage and sowing(plastic seedling trays). Except for the very small seeds, the spreading method is not generally popularized.

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