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Generally, the absorption amount of nitrogen(12 cell propagation trays wholesale), phosphorus and potassium is different in different stages, with the most nitrogen, the second potassium and the less phosphorus. The practice shows that the whole growth process of maize can be divided into three stages: seedling stage, ear stage and flower grain stage(2 gallon fabric pots). For summer maize, the absorption time of nitrogen is earlier and faster.

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The amount of nitrogen absorbed at seedling stage accounted for 10% of the total amount(18 cell propagation trays wholesale), 76% at jointing and booting stage, and 14% at heading to maturity stage; the amount of phosphorus absorbed was also earlier, 10% at seedling stage, 62% at jointing and booting stage, and 28% at heading fertilization and grain formation stage(thermoform pots). The way of "heavy in front and light in back" should be adopted for top dressing.(cheap succulent planter tray wholesale suppliers uk)

Because of the short sowing time(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), it is impossible to prepare the land and apply base fertilizer to summer maize, so it is very important to apply seed fertilizer and topdressing. 10-15kg can be used for each mu, which can be sown by ditching or burring, mixing with soil and sowing, or applying fertilizer by columbine first(plant trays without holes), and then sowing seeds beside the ditch, so as to separate the seeds and fertilizer and avoid burning the seeds.

First, topdressing at jointing stage accounts for 60% of the total topdressing amount, and 15-20 kg urea is applied per mu(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). In summer maize, the interveinlets of young leaves turn yellow gradually, forming yellow green stripes, and the leaves bend down, which is different from the lack of magnesium(5.5inch plastic plant pots). Induced conditions: pH > 7, sand, organic matter content of the plot is low effective manganese content, too much rain prone to leaching.

(cheap succulent planter tray wholesale suppliers uk)The second is topdressing at the stage of big bellmouth, with topdressing amount accounting for 40% and urea application of about 10-15kg per mu(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). The method of "front heavy and back light" can increase production by more than 12% compared with the method of "front light and back heavy"(5 inch plastic pots). Compared with "one bombardment" topdressing, the yield of multiple topdressing can be increased by more than 14%.

Manganese is an activator of enzymes in plants(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). It plays an important role in respiration, photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation of maize. The symptom of Mn deficiency in maize is that there are yellow green stripes parallel to the vein from the tip to the base, the young leaves turn yellow, the stems are thin and weak, the grains are not full(5.9inch plastic plant pots), the arrangement is not neat, and the roots are thin and long, initial flower stage and flower boll stage respectively.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer or diammonium phosphate is the best seed fertilizer(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). The "six high base fertilizer king" is the best, or choose 0.2% manganese sulfate, or 0.5-1 package of "Blue Crystal code", or 600 times of potassium permanganate and so on, spray once in seedling stage(1.5 gallon pot). In the young leaves, there are green and light green stripes between veins, and the middle part of the leaves is more obvious than the tip.(cheap succulent planter tray wholesale suppliers uk)

Grain fertilizer is mainly sprayed on the surface of leaves per mu(128 cell plug trays supplier). It is sprayed 2-3 times from the break stage to the filling stage. For potassium element, more than 70% of it is absorbed before heading and 30% when heading is fertilized. It can be seen that the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in maize is characterized by less seedling stage(plastic flower pot price), significantly increased jointing stage, and the highest fertilizer demand from booting to heading stage.

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