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Cheap Sureroot Plug Trays Wholesale Suppliers Belgium

Winter potted flowers have undergone long-term indoor environment growth, and the metabolism has undergone significant changes(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). In order to ensure that the flowers can grow normally after the spring plastic flower pots are moved outdoors, pay attention to three aspects in the cultivation process. When spring comes, don't rush to move the plastic pots to the outside, because if the potted flowers are out too early(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), they are vulnerable to cold weather. Flowers that are usually used indoors for the winter should be moved outside during the Qingming to Lixia period.

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(cheap sureroot plug trays wholesale suppliers belgium)10 days before moving to the outside(32 cell seedling trays wholesale), first move the plastic flowerpot to a place with good indoor light, open the door and window to ventilate, or move it to the outside during the day, then move it into the room at night, and then move it to the outside after the potted flower adapts to the external environment. Spring is the time for potted flowers to replace plastic pots, but you can't rush to change pots, because the roots of flowers are still dormant(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). If you are exposed to rainy and cold weather, the damaged roots are usually difficult to heal and can easily cause rotten roots.

It is generally necessary to give the flower a week to adapt to the outdoor environment(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), and wait until the flower begins to grow new roots. Can not rush to pursue quick-acting fertilizers, especially thick fertilizers, to avoid damage to the roots. After the new roots and new shoots return to normal growth, fertilization can be applied. A small amount of times, thin fertilizer and diligent application, to achieve water and fertilizer coordination(plug trays wholesale), and promote the normal metabolism of flowers. The plant basin is very interesting. Today, let's talk about the precautions of the potted flower combination.

(cheap sureroot plug trays wholesale suppliers belgium)The same kind can be planted together(50 cell seed starter trays), otherwise the habits are different and unfavorable. Consider the type you want, the shape of the plastic flower pot, the type of flower color, the price, etc. Plant varieties, colors, sizes, and shapes should be different. Do not use plastic pots that are too different, which is not conducive to flower growth. There are tens of thousands of succulent plant species in the world(plastic nursery pots), and with the popularity of horticultural technology, various horticultural varieties are dazzling. The most important selection criteria for choosing plastic flower pots: breathability and drainage.

In addition to considering the permeability and water permeability of each material fleshy flower pot(72 cell seed starter trays), the size of the plastic flower pot and the growth of the succulent plants, the different colors, materials, shape of the fleshy flower pots and succulent plants are matched with multiple angles. How to choose the bottom of the fleshy flower pot without the small hole permeability, it is necessary to reduce the watering frequency properly(plastic nursery pots wholesale), neither the roots should be soaked in the water for a long time to cause rotten roots, or you can only pour half of the water at a time, then you need to grasp according to your own experience. Measured.

(cheap sureroot plug trays wholesale suppliers belgium)Because the evaporation of water only relies on the fleshy pots to complete the dry and wet alternating, it is necessary to lengthen the interval of watering(seed propagation trays). Generally, larger plants use deeper fleshy flower pots, and the roots are not large and the smaller plants use shallow open flower pots. In the case of fleshy flower pots, it is usually slightly larger than the plants. If the diameter of the plant is about 8 cm, it is more reasonable to use a fleshy flower pot with a diameter of 10-12 cm(black plastic nursery pots), which is conducive to the normal growth of the plant, too large and unnecessary.

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