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Cheap Teku 19 cm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

The leaves are crispy and refreshing(buy cheap plant pots). They can be eaten raw, cold or dipped in sauce. They are the top grades in raw foods. They can also be fried. They are made into lettuce, oyster sauce and lettuce. They are generally used as the main vegetables for salads. In recent years, in addition to meeting the needs of foreign guests, the lettuce has also begun to be consumed among Chinese residents(plastic plant pots cape town), and the demand is increasing. Lettuce lettuce can be cultivated in both north and south of China.

Lettuce lettuce is a variant of lettuce, also known as glass lettuce or group lettuce(square black plastic plant pots). A variety of flower pots, boxes, artificially constructed cultivation tanks, the depth of 25 cm is appropriate. Sowing can be carried out in greenhouses, greenhouses, and sheds. The seedbed needs a well-structured and loose soil. The proportion of nutrient soil is: 2 parts of cooked soil that has not been planted, or 2 parts of onion and garlic(big black plant pots), and 1 part of decomposed organic fertilizer.(cheap teku 19 cm plastic plant pots wholesale)

The method is as follows: the seeds are wrapped with gauze and soaked for about 1 hour, and the seeds are germinated at a temperature of 15-20 ° C(3 gallon nursery pots for sale). Summer seedlings can be placed in the lowermost layer of the refrigerator, and the temperature is controlled within 5-10 °C for germination treatment. It can also be soaked with a 5 mg/kg gibberellin solution for 6-7 hours, or seeded with cytokinin 100 mg/kg for 3 minutes(5 gallon plastic planters). The principle of irrigation is to keep the soil dry and wet. 

(cheap teku 19 cm plastic plant pots wholesale)The lettuce is rich in nutrients and has hypnotic and analgesic effects(plastic tray for hydroponics). After 2-4 days, the seeds can be sown after the white buds are exposed. The amount of lettuce used is 25-30 grams per mu. Generally, buds are shed for 2-3 days after sowing. After about 2 weeks of sowing, the seedlings were removed to remove weak seedlings and tall seedlings(plastic starter pots). A simple fungal disease caused by the infection of the lettuce rust fungus of the Basidiomycetes. 

If planted in the high temperature period, the seeds should be germinated(large plastic flower pots cheap). The method is: first soaking the seeds, taking out the package with wet gauze, placing in a refrigerator at 15-20 ° C for germination, and after 30 days, 30% seed buds can be sown. The cultivated soil should be finely broken and loose, and the seeds should be evenly spread on the culture soil(plastic garden pots for sale). After sowing, cover a layer of thin soil, pay attention to heat preservation and moisturizing.

The amount of water needed is increased(farm tray), and the lettuce is a fertile vegetable, which requires more nutrients throughout the growth period. Before seeding, the seeds should be treated. The organic fertilizer should be selected from horse manure and peat soil, and inorganic fertilizer should be added. Mix 50 grams of compound fertilizer per cubic meter, mix well and sieve. Cultivation is most suitable for spring and autumn(plastic gallon pots). Transplanting is carried out in 3-4 true leaves, and the seedling distance can be about 20 cm.(cheap teku 19 cm plastic plant pots wholesale)

Mainly harmful to the leaves(small plastic flower pots bulk), many fresh yellow to red cap-shaped rust spores are produced on the leaf surface at the beginning of the disease, and raised blister is formed at the corresponding part of the back of the leaf. Many cap-shaped rust spores gather together to form a size of about 1.5 cm. Disease spots. After the rupture of the epidermis, a dark brown powder, that is, the teliospores of the pathogen(growing flats), is released, and the diseased leaves are yellowed and dead.

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