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Cheap Teku Plastic Nursery Pots Suppliers In China

Onions are widely distributed in China, and are cultivated in North and South China(plastic nursery pots). It is the most commonly used seasoning vegetable in our daily life, so it is loved by many people. The cultivation of onions is also very simple, but if you want to grow good onions, it is the most important to grow seedlings(seedling trays). Finally, before raising seedlings, you must first select a good onion variety, and then a good variety will directly affect the growth and yield of onions in the later stage.

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The main products on the market today are purple-skinned onions such as Ziyu and Xinhongxing(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The yield of these varieties is very high. Under normal planting management, its output can reach 5000 kg / mu, and it can be even higher for some high-quality plots(large black plant pots). The soil of the seedbeds must be adequately fertile, deep and soft, and have good water and fertilizer retention properties, and no crops of the same family have been planted for at least two years.

(cheap teku plastic nursery pots suppliers in china)The depth of the deep control should be about 25-30 cm(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After the deepening, apply a sufficient base fertilizer. The base fertilizer is mainly rotten farmer fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Fully mixing the fertilizer with the soil can increase the utilization rate of the fertilizer(72 cell plug trays). Water the hoe and wait for seeding. The time of sowing is closely related to the growth of seedlings, which directly affects the yield and quality of onions.

If they are absorbed too much, the seedlings will be prone to pumping(black plastic nursery pots). If the resistance of the seedlings is reduced after sowing, the cold resistance is insufficient, and the phenomenon of freezing and killing the seedlings is easy to occur during the winter(greenhouse plant trays). When sowing, pay attention to the sowing time, and the specific sowing time is determined by different factors such as the planting area, variety, and weather changes.(cheap teku plastic nursery pots suppliers in china)

When about 65% of the seedlings are unearthed(plug trays wholesale), the straw can be uncovered, and then the water should be properly watered according to the changes in the weather to prevent the soil from compacting and thus affecting the growth of the seedlings(4 gallon nursery pots). When managing seedlings, care should be taken to prevent the seedlings from growing too large, leading to early bolting, and also to prevent the seedlings from being too weak and reducing their resistance.

(cheap teku plastic nursery pots suppliers in china)After harvesting the seeds, rub off the peel and flesh, wash and dry them, and then store them in wet sand at low temperature—winter(square nursery pots). After the three leaves have been unrolled, until the beginning of March of the following year, pour water immediately after planting. 8) Once. During the rainy season, do not store water for too long(2 gallon plant pot). The method of multiplication by beading is roughly similar to cuttings. The strong branches are pulled down and buried in the soil.

Control the area of the nursery bed, and then deepen the ground(seed starter trays). Prepare seedbeds before raising seedlings. The sowing of tadpoles will prolong the growth period of the seedlings, which will lead to excessive consumption of nutrients. Be sure to topdress properly, you can cultivate seedlings by managing water and fertilizer(2 gallon plastic pots). After the roots have taken root, they are cut off from the mother and planted separately.(cheap teku plastic nursery pots suppliers in china)

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