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The first top dressing stops the topdressing at the time of the development of 4 to 5 leaves in the seedling stage of the Shantou seedling(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The urea is applied 5 to 10 kg per mu and the compound fertilizer is about 4 kg, which is stopped with watering. The second top dressing stopped at the moment when Shantou began to enter the tillering stage(plastic bonsai pots for sale). Each mu was about 500 kg of decomposed manure and 50 kg of decomposed peanut bran.

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Therefore, in general, the third time of the top dressing of the taro bulbs is stopped, the same as the fertilizer used for the second time(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The fourth topdressing stopped at the time when Sun Hao occurred one after another. The compound fertilizer was applied for 7 to 10 kilograms per mu, and the roasted peanut bran was about 50 kilograms(succulent propagation tray). The last top dressing was stopped at the end of the development of Shantou.

(cheap ten gallon plastic pot manufacturer)The rate of development is accelerating, the temperature rises, and the amount of evaporation increases(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). At this time, the water demand of the steamed bread is also increasing. It is necessary to water the water frequently and water it by means of furrow irrigation(hydroponic trays for sale). It is necessary to reduce the amount of watering around 20 days before the harvesting of the steamed bread, and stop the watering 10 days before the harvest.

The cultivation of soil can promote the development of Shantouzi and Sunyan, and can improve the drought resistance of the roots of Shantou(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). At the moment when the leaves of the taro began to appear yellow, the amount of topdressing was the same as that of the fourth top dressing(propagation trays canada). Therefore, it is best to transplant the seedlings when they are 15 to 20 days old and have 5 to 7 true leaves.(cheap ten gallon plastic pot manufacturer)

The cultivation of Shantou is an indispensable part of the governance process(plug trays). After the development of Shantou into the middle and late stages, the cultivation of the soil in the rapid development of the leaves of the taro, mostly stopped in June, the soil must be stopped 2 to 3 times, each time the soil is evenly spread around the roots of the taro, which helps the taro The shape is intact(cheap plant containers for sale). Watering things, steamed bread is resistant to drought and drought.

(cheap ten gallon plastic pot manufacturer)Fertilization, the demand for fertilizer in the development stage of Shantou is large. In the development stage of Shantou, it is necessary to topdress four to five times(square nursery pots). However, this kind of plant does not have the ability to withstand cold(lavender plug trays wholesale). In the seedling stage and seedling stage of steamed bread, the evaporation is small due to low temperature, and it is not necessary to have too much water. It is only necessary to keep the soil moist.

When the temperature in winter is too low, it is necessary to take warm measures in time to allow the plants to be safely overwinter at 5 °C(wholesale greenhouse pots). Because of its good resistance to yin, it is usually kept in a bright place indoors, providing it with scattered light to meet photosynthesis and ensure normal growth. In the hot summer season, you must avoid direct sunlight(large plastic plant containers). In the winter, you should move it outdoors to receive light.(cheap ten gallon plastic pot manufacturer)

After the completion of the upper basin, due to the appropriate temperature in the spring, the plant grows normally, and there is no special requirement for watering(72 cell plug trays supplier). Of course, the soil environment of the new upper basin is generally not prone to water accumulation(best microgreen trays). The time when the rubber tree can receive sunlight is also shortened, such as yellow spot and dead leaf disease when the ambient temperature is below 15 °C.

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