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Fan Chengda, an idyllic poet in Song Dynasty, loved Yingde stone(cheap 1 gallon plant pots), Lingbi stone and Taihu stone, and inscribed the names of Tianzhu peak, xiaoemao and Yanjiang Diefeng. He is good at making some scenes. Works on bonsai have been published since Ming Dynasty(plant cell trays). Don't be surprised. You never have a thousand hair. " For those who are independent, if they sit on the top of the mausoleum, they will linger with the solitary pines.

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At the end of the Yuan Dynasty(2 gallon nursery pots supplier), Ding he Nian, a Hui poet, once wrote a poem in "Fu Xi Zi Jing for the people on the couch in Pingjiang River": "close to the basin and pool, the old Zen is Qingxing to imitate the forest and spring. Qi swallows Bo, waves fill, potential pressure Feng Tongshi punch. For example, "the branches and leaves are green in the snow, and the red seeds are sparse, and the spots are as if decorated(6 cell plant trays). Each pot has 20 trees as the forest.

(cheap thermoform flower pots wholesale suppliers usa)Of course, there are some differences between the so-called "xizijing" advocated by the people and the so-called "miniature bonsai"(cheap 2 gallon plant pots), but it has a certain impact on the trend of miniaturization of bonsai in future generations, which can not be ignored. Wen Zhenheng's "history of long life · basin play" wrote: "basin play, fashion to list several cases of the first, the court Pavilion in the second place."(128 cell trays). As if the haze of the gap, clear sun and moon in the pot.

Tu Long's "kaoliang Yu Shi · pen play Jian" also wrote(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price): "bonsai to several cases of the best, followed by the court Pavilion objects.". Because the Ming Dynasty painting academy is prosperous, not less than the Song Dynasty, attaches great importance to painting, so in the "basin play paper" wrote: "the most ancient elegant, such as the eye of the sky pine, high can be Yingchi, its original as arm(seedling trays), needle hair short cluster, knot horse far jingxiqu.(cheap thermoform flower pots wholesale suppliers usa)

Guo Xi's appearance is as follows: the top of the hill is covered by the dew(3 gallon nursery pots supplier); Liu Songnian's Yanya is stacked; Sheng zizhao's drag Pavilion is in the shape of a pavilion, which is planted with good utensils and has a considerable amount of chaleng. ". Then he mentioned the modeling and climbing skills of bonsai trees: "it is also like the stone plum in central Fujian(50 cell plug trays), which is born with extraordinary quality. You have a narrow mind.

(cheap thermoform flower pots wholesale suppliers usa)It grows branches from the stone itself and exposes its roots(cheap 7 gallon plant pots). It is also pointed out that there are two or three branches in one tree, or three or five cold trees to form a mountain forest, and the rows are uneven in height and bottom, and the ancient stalagmites are well arranged and placed in the courtyards. For those who have two copies(v14 nursery pots), it seems that they go deep into the pine forest, making people forget the heat in June. "

The cherry blossoms are ancient and clumsy(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). It has a good posture and contains flowers and leaves. It has been invincible for a long time. In the Song Dynasty, not only the landscape bonsai appeared, but also the research on the rocks was excellent, and there were special works(seed cell trays). It is pointed out that the bonsai made by master rough is influenced by the landscape painting theory and has the characteristics of "seeing the big from the small".(cheap thermoform flower pots wholesale suppliers usa)

Sometimes there is the name of snow pressing coral, and there is also a lot of mountain and forest style(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). The huci (huci) of Hangzhi has a height of two or three feet over a hundred years. Its seedling tube is like this, and its leaves are stacked in dozens of layers. Its nature is very strong, and the snow is thick in winter, which makes people forget to eat. More need ancient and elegant basin(plug plant trays), Qiqiao stone for auxiliary, square comfortable enjoy.

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