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Cheap Thermoformed Pots Manufacturers In Belarus

It is transferred to fertile soil in the spring at least two years earlier than the raw pepper, and the fruit is harvested at least two years in advance(plastic tree containers). The three-dimensional structure is strong, the fruit setting rate is high, the fruiting rate is strong, and the spikes are large and the yield is high(162 cell trays bulk). The normal single plant yields were measured. 

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It can maintain the original quality of the father, with strong hemp flavor and high aromatic oil content(15 gallon plant container). After the quality test, the content of the main components, such as volatile oil and moramiin, were higher than the national series of special grade standards, the content of volatile oil was 7.7%(200 cell trays bulk), and the series of special grade standards was 5.0%, which was 2.7 percentage points higher.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in belarus)

Three, four, and five-year-old peppers produced fresh green peppers 18.4 kg, 31.8 kg, and 36.5 kg, respectively(small potting pots). Single-planted peppers with better local management, three-year-old peppers Only trial flowering, the five-year-old tree yields 15-20 kg of fresh pepper per unit(112 cell trays bulk). Grafted peppers have a premature and increased yield than real peppers, and increase production by 50% compared to ordinary seedlings of the same age.

(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in belarus)The content of hemp flavor is 15.4%, and the special grade standard is 15%(fabric bags bulk), which is 0.4 percentage points higher than the local real pepper, and the germination branch of the pepper tree is strong. The second year of planting, that is, the age of 1-year-old pepper, was able to test the fruit, and the yield increased as the tree grew, and it increased year after year(21 cell trays bulk), and the third year entered the high yield period.

Although the cultivation of grafted peppers and pepper seedlings is complicated(grow bags manufacturers), and the seedlings have a higher investment cost, it has completely solved the problems of repeated investment in seedling purchase, planting, fertilization, management, etc.(98 cell trays bulk), improving the efficiency of harvesting labor, reducing capital and labor input, and reducing the cost of timeliness. But yields are high and returns are high.

Quality, and its flavour is more intense(rootmaker trays). The weather in June has entered a stage of high temperature and high heat, so vegetable farmers are still not afraid of the hot weather for planting work. Tianke succulents, 30% peat, 30% pumice (that is, pumice, including yellow sandy loam) + 30% broken bricks (miscellaneous bricks, 0.3 percentage point higher(32 cell trays bulk), take particles with a diameter of 1-4 mm) + fertilizer.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in belarus)

Among the media used for succulent planting, peat soil is more common, and the proportion of flowers used is different(100 gallon grow bags). The wild peppers of the family Rutaeaceae, commonly known as bell pepper, water pepper, or shit pepper, are used as rootstocks after cultivation, and high-quality native green pepper plant ears are used as fathers(105 cell trays bulk). It can be planted in the garden, and transplanted and planted into trees in early summer or late autumn. 

The peppercorns cultivated by the asexual propagation method of the peppercorns have many advantages, such as strong tree vigor and plump fruit after maturity(10 gallon fabric grow bags). In addition, When the seedlings in step 3 grow to 30 cm, the thorns on the peppercorns are not conducive to daily management and harvesting, and can be fruited in all parts of the tree canopy(50 cell trays bulk). The father is an excellent native green pepper with fruit branches.

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