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Trace elements have an irreplaceable effect on the growth and development of wheat(grass growing trays). Once a certain trace element is lacking in wheat, it will show the corresponding symptoms of deficiencies through the external shape of the plant. It is mostly used as a diagnosis of deficiencies and remedial measures in production. in accordance with(large plastic planters uk). For each ton of dry matter formed by wheat, 232 grams of iron need to be absorbed.

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For each ton of dry matter formed, 0.87 grams of phase need to be absorbed(1 gallon grow pots). When iron is deficient, the leaves are yellow-green in color, with small spots, white patches or stripes appear on the young leaves, and the old leaves die early. For every ton of dry matter formed, thorium needs to absorb 18 grams of boron(15 gallon tree pot). In wheat seedling stage, jointing stage, flowering stage or manganese deficiency symptoms, spray with foliar 0.1 ~ 4.2% manganese sulfate solution.

(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in germany)When boron-deficient, the stems and leaves are thick and curved(plastic plant pots nz), the leaves are purple, the top meristems die, forming "top withering", filament extension and tillering are abnormal, wheat ears are not well developed, and the seed setting rate is extremely poor. Don't hesitate. " Use 0.5 kg of borax and 15 kg of fine soil, ditch it between rows(20 gallon tree pot), or spray it once with 0.1-0.2% borax solution at wheat seedling stage and jointing stage.

At the seedling stage of wheat, in the early stage of manganese deficiency, the inter-pulse loss of green and yellow, and small yellow-white spots appeared(buy nursery pots), gradually expanded, and became yellow-brown stripes, a clear tissue weakening horizontal line near the tip of the leaf, Causes the upper end of the blade to sag(1 gallon fabric pots). In the wheat seedling stage, use 1 kg of zinc sulfate per acre, 15-20 kg of fine dry soil or organic fertilizer, and apply the furrow between the rows.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in germany)

For each ton of dry matter formed by indica wheat, 8 grams of copper need to be absorbed(small square plant pots). When copper is lacking, the new leaves are gray-green, the tips are whitened, the leaves are twisted, gray-white spots or stripes appear in the lower part of the sheath, and the old leaves are easily broken or bent at the tongue; Distorted, secondary flower abortion on spikelets, grain hypoplasia or shrinking(200 gallon container). If copper deficiency is found, spray with 0.2-0.4% copper sulfate solution in time.

(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in germany)Plants grow slowly with no tillers or few tillers(large round plastic planters). When the wheat was deficient in zinc, the plants were dwarfed and clustered in the future, the leaf edges were twisted or shrunk, the sides of the leaf veins changed from green to yellow to white, and the edges appeared yellow, white, and green stripes. The earlier the effect is better, or the wheat seedlings, rises, or plants appear to be short(nursery trays for plants). For symptoms of zinc, foliar spray with 0.1-0.2% zinc sulfate solution.

When molybdenum is lacking, the plant is short and grows slowly(128 cell plug flats). The end of the leaf first fades into green. Then, on the full-spread leaf below the heart leaf, small, parallel yellow-white spots appear along the veins, and gradually become linear or sheet-like. The ends are dry and the whole leaves die in severe cases(5 gallon containers for sale). In the wheat seedling stage or plant symptoms of molybdenum deficiency, foliar spray with 0.01-0.1% ammonium molybdate solution.

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