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Cheap Thermoformed Pots Manufacturers In Israel

Because of the demand for all kinds of vegetables(heavy duty propagation trays), breaking the seasonal barriers, greenhouse vegetable planting is more and more widely used in our actual production, but how to maximize the value of the greenhouse, which adopts double-layer film insulation, and actually get the maximum benefit, this is what we need to further explore(20cm plastic grow pots). Let the greenhouse culture get high benefit.

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Bring you 9 good ways to improve the efficiency of greenhouse vegetables(3 gallon pots wholesale). Grafting requires vegetable varieties with well-developed roots as rootstock, that is, covering plastic film or setting small arch shed in the shed. Compared with the latter, the former can generally increase the shed temperature by about 5 ℃(23cm plastic grow pots), while their use time is extended by 1 / 3 to 1 / 2, and their economic benefits are increased by about 20%.

(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in israel)Covering with plastic film can increase the ground temperature by about 2 ℃ ~ 3 ℃(nursery containers for sale), while setting up small arch shed and improving the lighting and heat preservation can also keep the temperature above 10 ℃ in low temperature season(105 cell seed starting trays). According to the change of temperature, the management of temperature change can be divided into four stages: before noon, after noon, before midnight and after midnight.

That is to say, according to the temperature situation(7 gallon pots wholesale), a day can be divided into several stages to accelerate photosynthesis, improve the transport rate of photosynthetic products, and control the temperature of greenhouse vegetables by inhibiting the different temperature conditions necessary for respiratory consumption(72 cell seed starting trays). We can use timely uncovering and straw covering to improve the growth and maturity of vegetables.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in israel)

The increase of greenhouse temperature is about 2 ℃ ~ 3 ℃(half gallon planting pots), which can make the vegetables come into market one week ahead of time, and increase the output by about 15% ~ 20%. The varieties with high yield, good quality and strong resistance can overcome the obstacles of continuous cropping(128 cell seedling start trays), improve the disease resistance and cold resistance of varieties, and never ensure high quality and high yield of greenhouse vegetables. 

(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in israel)Some places are of the same thickness and do not need any medicine and equipment(gallon flower pots). Such as using black seed pumpkin as Rootstock to graft cucumber, etc. In the north side of the shed, an aluminum alloy reflective curtain or a silver film is set up to enhance the light intensity of the weak light area in the north side of the shed, and the temperature of the shed is raised simultaneously(128 cell seed starter trays), which can increase the light intensity by about 9.2% - 40%.

Burning biogas in the greenhouse can not only increase the temperature, but also the concentration of carbon dioxide and the photosynthesis of vegetables(large plastic plant pots for sale). It can increase vegetable production by 30% - 40%. This technology can save water and labor, greatly reduce the humidity in the shed, and reduce the occurrence probability of diseases and insect pests(seed plug trays wholesale). At the same time, it can save 40% water, reduce 10% cost and increase 10% production.

At the same time, this method has the advantages of high efficiency, labor-saving, no water, uniform distribution, preventing high humidity diseases, etc.(plastic plant pots price), which can save more than 50% pesticide, even if the film is damaged, it will not affect the efficacy. It can save labor and time, and the local effect is lasting(32 cell seed starting trays). In general, 40% chlorothalonil aerosol (SAFE) and 22% dichlorvos aerosol are most commonly used in the shed.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in israel)

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