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We people call them "wearing hats"(bulk pots). Many people still don't know what the reason is, and don't pay much attention to it. Try to avoid this kind of signs when raising seedlings. The cotyledons of the new seedlings are difficult to open because they are caught by the seed coat(200 cell seed starting trays). The photosynthesis of the seedlings will be greatly affected, which will lead to poor development of the seedlings and slowly become weak seedlings, which can germinate and develop in the fine sand.

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It is suggested that the important reason for the seedling "wearing a cap" is that the seed coat is too dull(plastic planters bulk). After the sowing, the thickness of the cover should be suitable, and then the plastic film or grass should be covered in real time to stop moisturizing(32 cell plug trays supplier). Take out and indirectly put it in the fine sand and insist, soaking the water is to increase the moisture content of the seeds. This method of fertilization will not have any adverse effects on the growth of crops.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in qatar)

That is, when the seeds of melon and vegetables are unearthed at the time of seedling raising(plastic planters suppliers), they will show signs that the cotyledons will not fall off when they are clamped by the seed coat. If at the time of sowing, the cover soil is too thin, the covered taxis may be too boring, the seed coats will dry out easily(5.5inch plastic plant pots), and they will show signs of wearing hats. In addition, seeds with insufficient maturity have weak vitality and are also prone to the formation of "wearing hat" signs.

(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in qatar)How to avoid "caps" of melon and vegetable seedlings(shallow microgreen trays)? In short, from the germination of seeds to the emergence of seedlings, the surface soil is always kept moist, so that the seed coat can easily fall off. If the topsoil is too boring, you can spray some water appropriately or sprinkle a thin layer of moist fine soil to increase the humidity(6.3inch plastic plant pots), ensure that the seed coat is soft and easy to fall, and avoid the sign of wearing a hat, so as to cultivate a robust seedling.

The cormorant seeds were soaked in water for one day, and they were not bitten by insects(deep cell plug trays). Generally, it can be turned over for inspection after being stored for half a month in fine sand, and half of the seeds have shown signs of germination and can be planted with the sand. Sowing of locust trees is usually stopped in spring(5.9inch plastic plant pots). After sowing, the soil should be watered by pressing, so that the seeds and soil are closely combined. If conditions permit, it can also be covered with a film.

It is recommended to use vines in combination with fungal fertilizers in a timely manner, lack of oxygen, and use rooting fungi(72 cell trays). From the perspective of the cultivation and distribution of sweet cherries in various countries around the world, most of them are selected near watersheds or near coastal areas. Sufficient light, other flower buds are susceptible to freezing damage(6.5inch plastic plant pots). Every time the root system is planted into the soil, the distance between them should be controlled, and not too close.

Also, we remove the covering too soon, or we remove the film at noon on a sunny day, so that the seed coat dries before falling off(72 cell trays bulk). In the process of seedling cultivation of fruits and vegetables, when the seedlings are just unearthed, due to such signs, it is recommended that our farmers first water enough before sowing, often drip irrigation and fertilization Now it has become a popular method of fertilization(72 cell propagation trays). There is a certain principle in the selection of fertilizers.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers in qatar)

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