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There are many kinds of flowers, and the requirements of air humidity are also different due to the different climate conditions of the origin(propagation tray). In North China and Northeast China, it is high temperature and humidity in summer and low temperature and dry in winter(flat plastic tray). The air humidity is very low in spring and autumn in North China, which is not suitable for the growth and development of flower waste in South China. 

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This is a regular management work that can not be ignored in the cultivation of southern flowers in northern China(plug trays). In this case, you can't pour water immediately. You should first move the flowerpot to the half shade, pour some water into the basin, and spray a small amount of water to the leaf surface technology, so that the plant cells gradually absorb water(seed starter trays), and then gradually increase the amount of watering after returning to the normal state.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers italy)

Because when the flowers lose water and wither seriously, the root hairs of plants are damaged and the water absorption capacity is reduced(gallon nursery pots). Only when new root hairs are formed can the original water absorption capacity be restored. As for which flowers need more water spray and how much water spray should depend on the specific situation(black plastic plant pots). In the cultivation, the flowers are usually divided into three categories according to the requirements of air humidity.

(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers italy)Damp loving flowers such as ferns, Araceae flowers, orchids, Yuyao, qiuhailiang, Du Penghua, etc.(gallon plant pot), require the relative humidity of the air to be maintained at 60% ~ 80%. In winter, indoor and outdoor air is very dry. In order to meet the requirements of indoor general flowers for humidity, indoor or automatic spray device can be set indoors to automatically adjust humidity(nursery plant pots). In addition to watering once a week, spray fog water once a day to increase humidity.

If this kind of flower is cultivated in a dry environment for a long time(cell trays), the leaves will turn red or yellow, become smaller, thinner and curl, or the edge will dry and scorch, which will affect the flowering and fruiting. Drought resistant flowers such as cactus, cactus, Agave, aloe, raw stone flowers, etc. in the northern region, the general indoor air humidity can meet the growth requirements(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Often spray water on the ground around the flowerpot and the plants.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers italy)

In the north and south, summer can be wet flowers placed in shade or shade shed, to avoid direct sunlight and early wind(square nursery pots). If this kind of flower is kept in moist environment for a long time, it will cause rot disease of root and base. Watering should master the principle of "see dry and see wet" in basin soil, which can not only meet the water demand of flower waste(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale), but also maintain the oxygen content in soil filling, so as to make flowers grow normally.

(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers italy)If there are conditions, 2~3 should be sprayed at least once a day, and the atomizing sprayer is the best(plastic grow pots). Fog water can cover the plants like fog and create a high humidity environment. Put the flowerpot in the shallow plate (basin) of water storage, the plate (basin) is covered with gravel, so that the bottom of the pot can not touch the water in it(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). With the continuous evaporation of water, it also increases the air humidity around the pot.

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