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When changing the fluid, the bad roots should be cut off in time(plastic nursery pots). The soilless culture substrate of flowers refers to a substance used to replace flowers in soil to cultivate flowers. The nutrient solution should not be too full. There should be space for flowers to breathe oxygen. The characteristics of water as a soilless culture substrate(105 cell seed trays wholesale): sufficient water and fertilizer but limited oxygen, can not fix the plant. 

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It can be used alone as a soilless cultivation substrate, or it can be mixed with peat and surname stones(plug trays). The substrate used to replace the soil should have the following three functions: fix plants; have a certain ability to retain water and fertilizer, and have good permeability; have a certain chemical buffering ability to maintain a good ratio of water, gas, and nutrients(32 cell seed trays wholesale). The third effect is usually solved with nutrient solution.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers south korea)

Ceramic particles Ceramsite is a shale material that is fired at about 800°C and has a relatively uniform size, excellent properties, red or pink(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). There are several types of substrates commonly used in soilless soil cultivation. Water is the source of life. The daily management of hydroponic flowers is very simple(200 cell plug trays supplier). Keep the liquid level in the container as consistent as possible. The bottle is filled with nutrient solution. 

In addition to the usual replenishment of water, the nutrient solution in the cultivation container should be replaced once a month(black plastic nursery pots). Shasha is a commonly used substrate in soilless cultivation, especially river sand. The characteristics of sand-free soilless cultivation substrate(1 gallon nursery pots bulk): the water content is fixed, the permeability is good, few infectious diseases and insects go, and a certain amount of potassium fertilizer can be provided. 

(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers south korea)Water is an invisible and odorless liquid and a good solvent for many substances(cell trays). The root system in the hydroponic substrate, on the one hand, absorbs nutrients in the water, on the other hand puts some organic matter into the water, and accumulates in the water. Therefore, it is necessary to manually aerate or make the water flow contact with the air to increase its dissolved oxygen content(2 gallon nursery pots bulk), and use lattice support to support the plants.

There are many types of substrates(square nursery pots), and three aspects should be considered when selecting: the adaptability of the root system, which can meet the growth needs of the root system; and the practicality, that is, light texture, safe use, and economical, that is, it can be obtained on the spot. The roots are immersed in the nutrient solution(3 gallon nursery pots bulk), but there should be about 3 cm of roots exposed in the space above the water.

The ceramsite has a loose internal structure, many pore barriers, a honeycomb-like shape(plastic grow pots), a light texture, good water retention, drainage and ventilation performance, moderate fertilizer retention, safety and hygiene, etc. It is a good soilless cultivation substrate(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), especially suitable for Soilless cultivation of decorative flowers for families, restaurants, etc. Hydroponic containers can be used in glass cans or vases.(cheap thermoformed pots manufacturers south korea)

The periphery of the bottle should be covered with black plastic film or painted with black paint. The degree of opacity in the bottle should be used(flat plastic tray). Perlite is a mineral formed from siliceous volcanic rock, named after having pearl-shaped spherical cracks. Perlite has the characteristics of good persistence, moderate water content, stable chemical properties(200 cell seed trays wholesale), stable chemical properties, light weight, etc.

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