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Cheap Thermoforming Flower Pots Manufacturers Peru

The basin soil is often hardened and impermeable, and corresponding measures must be taken to solve the problem in time(105 cell plant trays bulk). O usually only chemical fertilizer is applied, and organic fertilizer is seldom used. Two sand columns are left in the basin soil which are conducive to water permeability and air permeability, so there is no longer any water accumulation in the basin(thermoform pots). Basin soil should be reasonably prepared.

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There are several common reasons for basin soil hardening(128 cell plant trays bulk): there is no good drainage measures at the bottom of basin soil, the drainage holes are blocked, so water and oxygen are often accumulated, so that the aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms die one after another, and the decomposition of soil organic matter is terminated, and finally the soil aggregate structure is destroyed(v10 nursery pots). The general efficacy can be maintained for about half a month.

(cheap thermoforming flower pots manufacturers peru)Once the water in the basin is found, it should be poured out in time(162 cell plug trays supplier). In case of continuous rainy days, chopsticks can be used to directly poke the basin soil into several holes at the bottom of the basin to speed up drainage. If two hollow pipes with a diameter of 2 or 3 cm are inserted into the basin while soil is added into the basin, and coarse sand is poured into the basin(hydroponic farming tray). After the basin soil is fully filled, the hollow pipe is slowly pulled out.

When it's sunny, you can hold it up(200 cell plant trays bulk). At ordinary times, organic fertilizer should be applied mainly, supplemented by a small amount of chemical fertilizer. In case of long-term serious hardening, it is necessary to turn over the basin, remove the seriously hardened old soil, and use the newly prepared culture soil(13cm plastic grow pots). Move the potted flower to a ventilated and rainproof place, and pad bricks at the bottom of the pot to make the pot no longer directly stick to the ground.(cheap thermoforming flower pots manufacturers peru)

Dry soil must be used in basin or turning basin, and wet soil is not allowed(32 cell plant trays bulk). Pay attention to the loosening of basin soil area. Generally, black soil (vegetable soil), yellow soil (mountain mud), rotten leaf soil (orchid mud), sandy loam (oil sand soil), or river mud and pond mud after freezing and weathering(orchid plug trays). According to flower habits, 1-2 kinds of basin soil should be selected, and properly mixed with river sand, sugar ash, burnt mud ash, etc.

(cheap thermoforming flower pots manufacturers peru)If the surface of the basin soil is covered with a layer of small gravel or soil particles with a particle size of about one centimeter, the hardening can be prevented without loosening the soil(50 cell plant trays bulk). If conditions permit, the watering method should be changed to pot bottom water absorption method. The whole ball is taken out of the basin, and then placed in a ventilated place to accelerate the natural evaporation of water in the ball(14cm plastic grow pots). Turn the basin over again.

The specific measures to overcome the problem are as follows(50 cell seed trays wholesale): if the basin soil is too wet and unwilling to dry, the following specific measures should be taken to overcome the problem: O stop watering temporarily, wait for the basin soil to turn white and hard, touch the soil with fingers without cool and wet feeling(small plastic hanging baskets), or when the sound has changed from turbid to clear when the basin is buckled, and the water quantity will be increased gradually.(cheap thermoforming flower pots manufacturers peru)

After removing the pot, 1 / 2 ~ 1 / 3 of the old soil should be removed, and the rotten roots should be cut off(seed planting trays wholesale), and then planted in a sandy soil basin with good water permeability or good air permeability. The best flowerpot is clay pot, followed by purple sand basin. It is not good to use utensils that are not conducive to water seepage and air permeability(greenhouse trays and pots), such as porcelain basin, glazed basin, VAT bowl, spittoon, washbasin, etc.

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