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Cheap Thermoforming Plastic Seed Trays Suppliers Chile

After 4-5 days, they moved to the place where the light was slightly stronger(square nursery pots). The temperature was generally around 35 ℃, the light intensity was 7000-9000lx, and the daily illumination was 2-3 hours. The transplanting can be carried out in bed, basin or bag or paper bag(seed starter trays). Select strong seedlings with 2-4cm height and well-developed roots. Sand fill, mountain soil with plant ash or rotten sawdust (5:1) are suitable.

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After 5-7 days of training, when the stem of seedling changes from green to brown, and then exercise for 2-44(propagation tray). These substrates have the characteristics of loose texture, good permeability and strong water retention. When transplanting in the field seedbed, it is necessary to set up a sprouting shed because the tissue culture seedlings are young and tender(black plastic plant pots), and should not be exposed to strong sunlight and rain.(cheap thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers chile)

When transplanting, pour proper amount of water into the bottle(plastic grow pots), shake it to separate the culture medium from the seedlings, take out the seedlings with tweezers or hooks, quickly wash the medium adhering to the roots with water, dip the roots with mud, transplant them into the seedling bed or container in clusters or single plants, pour water through(nursery plant pots), cover with glass beams, keep humidity and reduce evaporation.

(cheap thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers chile)If transplanted in a greenhouse or plastic shed, the crime of glass may not be covered(plug trays). In addition, there should be no callus in the rhizome of tissue culture seedlings, because these calli will block the nutrient and water transport, resulting in the death of seedlings. The best effect of transplanting depth is to bury them at the junction of rhizome and rhizome(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In case of heavy rain, the shed should be covered.

To prevent the seedlings from burning(flat plastic tray). In addition, the haploid cells in pollen and male gametophyte are usually used for the whole anther, ovary or ovule tissue culture at the time of inoculation, which has an important impact on the characteristics and heritability of the cultured individuals(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, the quality of the plant rod selected as the culture material should be excellent, with strong resistance to stress and insect pests.

Weeding should be done in time to prevent and control diseases and insect pests(gallon nursery pots). With the growth of seedlings, the front shed should be removed gradually, open the bottle stopper, so that the seedlings can be planted after exercising for a period of time under natural conditions(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Tissue culture is often affected by some unknown factors. The results obtained in one experiment can not be repeated in later experiments.(cheap thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers chile)

It is also possible that small-scale experiments are successful at the beginning, and some new problems appear when large-scale production is transferred(greenhouse supplies pots). At the same time, in the process of culture, the plant rod should be continuously screened and increased Materials with strong reproductive capacity. After the seedlings were moved to the outside, clay strip, they were first placed in the shade(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It can be transplanted.

(cheap thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers chile)Therefore, we should insist on many experiments(gallon plant pot), such as changing the procedure, changing the preparation method of culture medium, and studying the selection of explants. The temperature was generally below 30 ℃ and the light intensity was 4000-6000k. The light transmittance in the flare increased from 30% to 60%, when transplanting(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and the water was drunk once or twice a day to keep the mound moist.

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